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Retirement Annuity with CompareGuru

What is A Retirement Annuity

It’s never too early or too late to start saving for your retirement. A great way to do so is with a retirement annuity. Not only is it a tax effective way to save, but if you invest the right amount, in a portfolio positioned for long term growth, with a low-fee provider, you will be well on your way to reaching your retirement goal

How Does It Work?

Contributing to a retirement annuity is no guarantee you will reach your retirement goal. In order to do so, you need to save the right amount each month, invest in a portfolio appropriate to your life-stage , and keep your fees low. CompareGuru has partnered with 10X Investments who has all these bases covered for you.

With 10X, you’ll always know exactly how much to save each month, you’ll never pay more than 1% in total fees excl. VAT, and they automatically invest you in the right portfolio. The result? Up to 60% more money for you in the end.

Investment Value and 10X Fee pa (ex VAT)

  • First R1 million - 0.90%
  • Next R4 million - 0.70%
  • Next R5 million - 0.50%
  • Above R10 million - 0.35%

The 10X Way

Low Fees: Our total fees are less than half the industry average.

Simplicity: One simple solution. No confusing choices. No extra costs.

Transparency: Always know what you’ve earned, what you pay, and where you are.

What Are The Benefits?

General Benefits

  • A tax efficient way to save for your retirement
  • A great way to save if you don’t have a company pension fund
  • Helps guard against premature cash outs

10X Investment Benefits

  • Superior long-term growth with low fees
  • A well-diversified portfolio
  • Clear & transparent reporting


Sarah [33]

CompareGuru saved me from contacting multiple home insurance companies individually by streamlining the process.

David [46]

Useful service, I found a great plan in no time.

Theresa [48]

The site was really helpful, and convenient. Thank You