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June 9th, 2015 by

road rage 2 - 7 Driving Habits That Drive Us All Crazy Written By: Melissa Nyman

The car – your armour; The passengers – your army ; And your driving skills – your assault. It’s quite easy to imagine driving to work or anywhere for that matter, as preparation to go fight in a very dirty, dangerous battle. Especially when there are motorists, with irritating habits, who cause unnecessary traffic, and potentially risk lives, on road.

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Listed are some of the most annoying driving behaviours encountered on the road.

The Mayhem Of The Merging Lane

It’s a very simple concept. Wikipedia elaborates for us:

“Continue for as long as possible on the merging lane. Before the marked traffic sign, ADJUST to the speed of the vehicles driving on the adjacent lane… Without braking or disturbance of the created space, the vehicle merges. ”

It’s really not that complex. Thanks to the Universe, however, there will always be that one individualist driver who lacks the understanding of blending in, and insists on waiting… and waiting …and disturbing the entire flow of traffic. Then there are the sour drivers in the adjacent lane who make everybody’s lives difficult by not giving up any space… to anyone. Come on people, let’s work together here.

The Terrifying Tailgators

Tailgators, also known as “drivers with a death wish”, are motorists who drive six inches from your rear bumper until you move to the next lane. This is extremely dangerous in fast-moving traffic and emulates the sensation of being hunted.
In slow traffic, it is not so useful and could be considered pointless.

The Chaos-Causing Cell Phone Driver

Oprah Winfrey was practically obsessed with her “No Texting While Driving” or “No Phone Zone” campaign. For those who didn’t quite understand the idea or gist behind it, she meant ‘Do Not Use A Cell Phone When You Are Driving A Car’. Whether you’re a fan of the talkshow host or not, it’s a dangerous distraction. It’s in the top three causes of road accidents in South Africa and hazardous, not only to your life, but the lives of other drivers. It’s also found to be highly irritating to the driver behind you.

“Brights” Don’t Always Mean Smart

Carelessly forgetting to turn off your high beams, or needing it because your one headlight is dimmer than the other, is not as smart as you think. There are two reasons why:

1) You are causing severe irritation to oncoming drivers because you are actually blinding them and in return some, equally irritating drivers, might blind you back.

2) During all this blinding drama, it’s easy for a collision to occur.

Losers To The Left Lane

Whether it’s the ego boost of driving in the fast lane or just the rush of being hunted in a tailgate, we all enjoy being seen driving in the fast lane  Despite what the pride of such drivers may be telling left-lane drivers, the left lane really wasn’t established to separate the nerds from the jocks. Instead, it’s to keep our roads safe and accommodating to drivers of all speeds.

The Forgotten Fourway

1, 2, 3, 4. During instances of traffic light malfunction or coming to stop a street, “the fourway stop” rule, also known as the “Driver’s IQ Test”, falls into place. This means: All vehicles must stop at the stop sign, with cars taking turns to cross the intersection on a first-come-first-serve basis.
Load shedding might have left us in darkness with robots being inactive, but it shed loads of light on the ability, or stubbornness, of some drivers to understand counting to four.

Honk-Happy Drivers

To end off… The traffic light just changed and you’re already honking. Drivers who use any opportunity to honk their horn at you because they lack patience is our last annoying driving habit. Ultimately, this is seen as a complete lack of manners, unless it is absolutely required in certain situations.

Driving shouldn’t be a battle, traffic shouldn’t be dread – respect the rules. They’re in place for a reason.

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