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November 27th, 2014 by

tumblr mbqbt5godR1qejqwno2 500 - A Day in the Life of a Modern Twenty-Something Written by Samantha Steyn


Did you know that adults are exposed to technological devices for, on average, 60% of their week. Can you even remember the last time you went a day without your mobile phone? And mistakenly leaving it at home doesn’t count! In this article, a day in the life of a modern twenty-something year old has been diarised. Maybe you can relate, maybe you can’t. Either way, this is it. This is modern-day life. Learn to enjoy it!


MORNING: I am pleasantly woken up, at 7am, by my Sleep Cycle app in my lightest phase of sleep. I still can’t believe I got that app for free. Thanks to my Smart Home, I am able to switch on the lights, thermostat , and coffee machine – and the alarm off – all before putting my feet on the ground. Now, that, I paid for. Once dressed and fully awake, I check my bag to make sure my iPad/tablet, laptop and Smartphone/iPhone are inside. Oh! And I can’t forget to put on my Samsung Gear. Who wears a watch that can only tell the time anyway? On my way to my car, I ask Siri/the Android voice to take me through my schedule for the day and then request that she direct me to my first meeting. We have an understanding, her and I, she knows better than to get me lost! At the meeting, I pull out my iPad/tablet to take notes. I can’t even remember the last time I owned a pen and paper. The meeting goes on longer than expected, so, once back in the car; I use voice command to send a message to a colleague letting them know I’m going to be a few minutes late getting to the office. As if on cue, Siri/the Android voice lets me know there’s a traffic jam ahead that I should try and avoid by taking an alternative route. Like I said, we have an understanding. Eventually, I get to the office and open my News apps to read the latest news and goings on. I may click on the odd Kim and Kanye article as well; that’s still news, right? While browsing through the headlines, I switch on my PC/Mac and allow it to sync to my mobile and iPad/tablet whilst it downloads emails. Time to work!


AFTERNOON: Having connected to the office’s Wi-Fi (all in favour of free Wi-Fi, say “ai”… “AI!!!”), I start receiving updates from all my social media accounts. I see that #CellCBanner is currently trending on Twitter, and I have once again been invited to play Candy Crush on Facebook. Oooh! And someone has just endorsed me on LinkedIn! Day made. I log onto Instagram to see what my friends are up to and check to see if anyone has shared any of my latest pins on Pinterest. Lastly, I check out the activity on Google+ and then open YouTube to see if I’ll be interested in any of the latest videos. Although, I doubt anything will ever beat the … video. Luckily, I’ve set up various recipes using IFTTT (If This Then That) to ensure that I don’t miss out on any updates from my favourite blogs and Websites. If I am unable to read these straight away, they get saved onto my Dropbox account which I can access on any one of my devices. My time spent procrastinating on social media is interrupted by my mobile phone reminding me of my scheduled afternoon meeting. Bleh. I once again take my iPad along, but, this time; make use of my MindNode app to document our brainstorming session. Take that Croxley! Throughout the day, I have been logging into my S Health app to record my meals and water-intake as well as to allow my Gear to sync in order for the app to calculate the amount of steps I have taken that day. The gym? Ain’t nobody got time for that! The stairs will just have to do. I also keep my Wunderlist app open to remind me of the items on my to-do list. Fortunately (or not) my boss has access to my work to-do-list – via our email accounts – and can drop in additional items without having to call me into his office to discuss the task. Technology really can keep you safe! He can also see what I have completed and have yet to do. As of now, I have completed all the tasks that needed to be done today. It’s home time. EVENING After a productive day at the office, I arrive home and browse through the saved content in my Dropbox. I gasp at the latest advert of Kim Kardashian and flip through my Flipboard to see if there are any more articles on it in any of the online magazines I am subscribed to. Big butts really are becoming a trend! Having sourced all the content I can on Kim, I’m left feeling pretty hungry. It’s time to eat. I look on the door of my Smart Fridge (which is, in fact, a digital screen) for suggestions on what specials etc. are taking place in the surrounding restaurants and take-out places tonight. I decide on a pizza, and after checking my balance on my banking app, I place my order on my fridge. Then, I switch my Smart/Apple TV on and allow it to sync to my Smartphone/iPhone. I’ve been looking forward to this all day: streaming the latest episode of Walking Dead via Netflix on my phone and watching it on my TV. Halfway through the episode, my doorbell rings. Pizza! I’m in my happy place. Once having devoured my pizza and taken part in the latest adventures in the land of the walking dead, I head off to bed. Before settling in, I update my S Health app, Sleep Cycle app and ensure all my appliances and lights are off and my alarm system is on. Last thing to do before nodding off is to log on to my favourite e-commerce Site and place my order for a pair of Google Glasses. I am already way behind in getting those! With that, my mobile lets me know it needs a re-charge. Seems everything runs out of steam at some stage…

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