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April 1st, 2015 by

April Fools - BREAKING NEWS: Paying More For Petrol to Help Expand NkandlaA real case of ‘Nkandlagate’

If you thought you’d heard all there was to know about Nkandla, think again. A recent information leak reveals the real reason behind the recent increase in the price of petrol. Turns out, the government is going to extreme lengths to pay for his home stead.

Recent news has relayed the fact that the petrol price, in South Africa, is set to increase today, 1 April 2015. Many reports have said that despite the coincidence of it falling on April Fool’s Day, it is no joke. Rather, the exact details have been shared with the public as to how much fuel is expected to increase:

  • Petrol 95 ULP and LRP will increase by 162.0 c/l and 160.0 c/l in Gauteng and along the coast, respectively
  • Petrol 93 ULP and LRP will increase by 156.0 c/l and 154.0 c/l in Gauteng and along the coast, respectively
  • Diesel (0.05%) Wholesale will increase to 122.7 c/l and 120.5 c/l in Gauteng and along the coast, respectively
  • Diesel (0.005%) Wholesale will increase to 124.7 c/l and 122.6 c/l in Gauteng and along the coast, respectively

According to the reliable news sources presenting this information, the reasons behind this increase include international fuel price increases as well as the weakened exchange rate. The increase is also compounded by the rise in the fuel and Road Accident Fund levies which was communicated, by Nhlanhla Nene (South Africa’s Minister of Finance) in his annual budget speech.

Compare Guru, however, has recently come across, what was meant to be confidential, information that says otherwise. An anonymous source within Parliament has leaked the fact that the increase in the petrol price is, in fact, a new strategy employed by the government to accommodate the costs of the ever-expanding Presidential home stead, Nkandla. Controversy related to this estate has come to be termed ‘Nkandlagate’; and this is an Nkandlagate indeed! Chatting to the foreman in charge of the finances of Nkandla to confirm the above, the foreman (who does not wish to reveal his/her identity) said the following:

“With Nkandla reaching its final stages of development, the costs are exponential. We have heard rumours of where the money would come from to accommodate these costs and, let’s just say, did not fail to put two and two together when hearing the news about the petrol price increase.”

Despite the fact that the estate is said to already include a helipad, underground bunkers, extensive security, luxury accommodation, and a private military hospital; an inside source to the construction of Nkandla has confirmed that President Zuma has developed new plans to add on a private west wing to his home stead. According to the source, the President wishes to include entertainment facilities in this wing as well as a means of generating enough electricity to power the estate in the, recently frequent, event of load-shedding.

We, at Compare Guru are appalled by this revelation relating to the real reason behind the petrol price increase and feel obliged to do what we can to protest. Join us in our quest to reach 20 000 supporters in this petition to bring the petrol price down to its original price and prevent the public from paying for the government’s personal home stead. this article originated from and, with your help, we can bring this matter to the attention of Parliament and the rest of South Africa.


PLEASE NOTE: This was an April Fool’s joke created on 1 April 2015. Got you!!! 😀