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July 14th, 2016 by

Meter cabs brought Long Street and Wale Street to a standstill when they began violently protesting against Uber and the fact that they were taking away their business.

“Uber must go‚” was chanted as the police arrived to defuse the situation.

Many onlookers took to social media to capture the chaos and it’s clear most are in favour of Uber due to their better prices and better-screened drivers.

Several taxis were overturned and vandalised during the protests. Deidre Sara Vermaak posted a photograph of a white vehicle with its windows smashed‚ saying, “Uber car smashed up

According to the Western Cape’s ruling party the Democratic Alliance, the protests were illegal and involved nearly a hundred metered taxi drivers.



In a statement sent to media, the DA condemned the attacks.

“This afternoon close to a hundred metered taxi cars, allegedly from the Western Cape Metered Taxi Council, blocked several streets in Cape Town CBD. This was an illegal protest action, where an Uber driver had to escape from attacks and had to abandon his vehicle badly damaged,” it said in the statement.

The DA’s Lennit Max, who serves as the Western Cape Spokesperson on Transport and Public Works, called for calm over the situation.

More than 15 taxi drivers will be in court tomorrow with incidences involving the protest.