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January 2nd, 2015 by

young woman falling asleep at her desk - Get Ready for the 24/7 South African Social Media Role Written by Leigh Andrews

Very few jobs actually involve 24/7 input – even hard news is usually covered in shorter shifts, with smaller companies choosing not to man their newsfeeds in slower times. But this can’t continue to be the case for those who work in social media…

When I chatted to Jodene Shaer, Social Twit of the Chat Factory a few weeks ago, shespoke about whether social media interaction is really relevant for every business. She said it most definitely is the case. So if your customer is using Twitter instead of customer services or Facebook to find out about your service offering, best you be there and respond to their needs. Many businesses spend hours creating content and working on ways to generate likes or make sales from a tweet, while an individual is waiting for someone to notice that they tweeted for assistance hours or, worse, days ago.

That’s the crux of it – many South African companies simply don’t see social media as a 24/7 responsibility.

Should social media management be a 24/7 job? 

I’ve noticed most of the big SA brands are not actually active on Twitter over weekends. They’ll deal with all their weekend comments and complaints in a mass clump on a Monday morning, so if you follow them, your feeds are filled with ‘We’re sorry to hear that, please DM us your details’ type interactions for hours on end. But is this the optimal way to you things?

When I asked on Twitter whether anyone working in the local social media space was still working this week, Chris Hadjiyannis, Technical Writer at Adept Internet, responded. He says the key here lies in understanding the true nature of social media. To be sure, there aren’t many jobs that run 24/7, and those that are usually make use of shifts, automation or some other time- and load-sharing methods. This is all fine, provided you do something – social media is an online entity, and what is online doesn’t sleep or even stop in the connected digital age.


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