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April 28th, 2014 by

save money on life insurance - Life Insurance Frequently Asked Questions What if I miss a few life insurance payments? If you stop paying your life insurance premiums, your life cover ends. You will then have to create a new policy with your insurer. Will my life insurance premium change? Your monthly premium shouldn’t change unless the policy requires renewal after a certain period of time, insurer dependent. Keep an eye out for renewable policies, they may seem cheaper at the outset but higher premiums may be negotiated after a certain period of time.

Why wouldn’t my life insurance policy pay out? There are very few reasons why your life insurance company wouldn’t pay out your policy, one main reason being if you were not completely honest when filling out the medical questions when you applied. It may increase your premium but you should keep your life insurance company updated with any significant health changes. Other exceptional reasons for not paying out would include suicide, more details or other reasons will be outlined in your policy.

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