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March 28th, 2014 by

5153eac03e6346de900ac49ab1de2433 - Luggage Tampering - When Will It End? Cape Town – Be careful of what you put in your luggage while travelling in and out of airports, because your valued possessions could be the next hottest thing sold off web classifieds site, Craigslist. According to, baggage handlers at Los Angeles International Airport have been pocketing electronics, jewelry, and other valuable items only to have them sold on Craigslist. The report further states that thousands worth of items were recovered after police arrested eight handlers on 27 March.

On South African shores, who can forget the video that was uploaded on Youtube, showing what “kind of” looked liked tampering of luggage to be put on a British Airways plane. The video sparked uproar, and made travellers ask how safe the fate of their luggage really is. While Comair (domestic subsidiary of British Airways) assured that the video depicted a legitimate handling of the bag, we do know that these incidences generally happening more often than they should. So have a look at a compilation of guidelines to make sure (as best as you can) that your luggage is safe.

This article was first published on News24: