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November 8th, 2016 by

A more sophisticated radiation cancer technology has made its way to the Natal Midlands to provide more advanced cancer treatments. This thanks to the Life Healthcare Group.

The cutting-edge technology, known as Novalis Tx, targets difficult-to-reach tumours by shaping the radiation beam precisely over the patient’s tumour. This ensures the best possible treatment dose is delivered and also protects healthy tissue.

How The Novalis Tx Cancer Treatment Works


The radiation beam also adapts to the patient’s breathing or any other body movements. The unit rotates around the patient and can deliver treatment beams anywhere in the body from virtually any angle.

Treatment is significantly faster and is optimistic for patients with “untreatable” tumours.

Case Study

Elizabeth*, a 60-year-old breast cancer patient described her situation as very serious.

“The organs around the tumour couldn’t tolerate any more radiation. So, the treatments had to be focused very precisely. Honestly, this felt like my last shot at being treated. But, as they were describing what Novalis Tx™ can do, the clinicians projected a positive, can-do attitude that really helped to restore my hopes for a positive outcome. After the first four sessions, I felt well enough to go back to work. On the last day of treatment, which fell on a Saturday, I left the centre and was able to go on with my usual weekend activities.”


The Novalis Tx was previously only available overseas, but South African oncologists and patients can benefit from this groundbreaking new technology.

Treatment is currently available at Life Hilton Private Hospital in the Natal Midlands and Life Eugene Marais Hospital in Pretoria, Gauteng.