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October 8th, 2015 by

shutterstock 116279278 - The Cheapest and Most Expensive Cars To Insure In South Africa Wriiten By: Chelsea Petersen

The price of insurance depends on the driver, and also many factors surrounding the car in question. In order to get the best deal on insurance, it’s important to be aware of details that affect your premiums.

These factors include the car’s availability, the price of parts and their availability, its reliability on the road, and if it has safety features. It also stands to reason that more luxurious or sporty vehicles will a much higher price for insurance. High speed cars that cost exorbitant amounts to replace incur high monthly premiums.

Taking all this into consideration, the cheapest cars to insure in South Africa are:

  • The Volkswagen Polo
  • Toyota Yaris
  • Toyota Tazz
  • Corsa Lite
  • Volkswagen Golf

The price of insurance should always be taken into consideration when buying a car, paying unrealistic premiums can be damaging to one’s finances. Sourcing a single quote from only one company simply because you have a cheap car is also unrealistic. One should also find as many quotes as possible to find the best deals.

Comparison sites are a great resource to make use of for this.