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March 4th, 2015 by

galaxy s6 edge sdn - The Six Appeal

Written by Chelsea Petersen
After being overtaken on the smartphone market by arch rival, Apple, Samsung has made a comeback. Recently revealed at the Mobile World Conference, the new Galaxy S6 Edge has been hailed the most advanced smartphone in the world. With completely new designs and features, both the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge have taken the smartphone war to a new level of competition.
A few months ago, Apple made history, setting the record for the most devices ever sold in a single quarter, and taking the title of the most successful smartphone producer in the market. Their newest phablet series was tipped to give them an even bigger rise over Samsung and their range of bigger smartphones. The S6 has now given Samsung a figurative edge in the market to match its world-first edge design.
Samsung’s smartphone designs have drawn much criticism in the past, and the S6 Edge was completely reinvented. It’s taken a classy step up to a 6.5mm body with a metal jacket and a gorilla glass front and back. The star of the show is obviously unique the curved edges, which allow for a side scrolling through shortcut contacts and have special light notifications. It does this all without disturbing activity on the main display. The 5.1 inch screen boasts the same quality as Samsung’s HDTVs, with its Quad HD Super AMOLED screen.
Samsung phones have previously lost their title for best cameras, but the Edge has brought them back into the lead. The new software makes the camera function incredible fast. It also has extra shooting modes and customisable settings to enhance your HDR picture experience. The home button also carries a double tap function to instantly trigger the camera, regardless of what app is currently running. The camera isn’t the only thing that’s faster. The cutbacks to the TouchWiz App make the entire user experience both faster and smoother. Improving one of Apple’s best known features, the Edge also carries an upgraded fingerprint sensor that functions using a touch rather than a swipe.
Taking another cue from Apple, Samsung has dropped the removable battery feature, one that was popular with users of previous Galaxy models. They’ve also decided to end the use of micro SD storage, though the phone does come with an increased memory capacity. Samsung is also bringing some serious competition in the form of mobile transactions via the newly announced, Samsung Pay. Not only does it support NFC-based touch transactions, it also supports magnetic strip payments that work by holding the phone next to the terminal. Superior to the Apple pay system, the new technology leaves Samsung open to a far bigger market I this area.
Following the average year they had last year, in comparison to Apple, Samsung has changed the game in a big way. The innovative technology built into the S6 Edge has moved them back into the running for best smartphone producer. The superior processor and high end design have given the tech giant a larger target market, and made them the brand to watch in 2015. Whether it will be enough to topple the Apple Empire remains to be seen.