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May 8th, 2015 by

shutterstock 225293632 - The Top Five On-the-Go Admin Apps Written by Nafisa Akabor


Working in a corporate environment means being productive on-the-go. Whether a meeting, brainstorm, or ticking off tasks from a to-do list, you’d do well to make use of productivity tools available for your device. We’ve tried and tested the best productivity apps available and found the five most simple, useful and efficient.
Here they are, in no particular order:
An excellent tool on which to write, collect information, turn notes into a slideshow, and collaborate with fellow users. The entry-level version, designed for basic note-taking, is free. Alternatively, subscribe to the full-service, premium version. It has cross-platform functionality and syncs to the cloud, so switching devices doesn’t get in the way of your work.
Best feature: Picking up where you left off – from any device.
Compatibility: Mac OS X; iOS; Chrome OS; Android; Windows; Windows Phone; BlackBerry; and webOS.
Remember the Milk
This savvy app lets you manage tasks easily across various platforms. The clean, uncluttered interface makes it a winner, along with SMS, email or IM reminders for pressing tasks. You can share lists with colleagues, use it remotely and manage tasks offline (a real plus during load shedding).
Best feature: The personal notebook-like look and feel of the app.
Compatibility: Android; iOS; BlackBerry; Twitter; Evernote; Gmail; Outlook; and Google Calendar.
If you’re after a user-friendly organisation app, look no further. Wunderlist can be used for work, drafting a shopping list or even planning a holiday – a fabulous all-rounder for work or play. It supports collaborations, conversations, and even has a ‘public lists’ section, with features such as ‘top places to see in Paris’ or ‘best action movies’. Syncing occurs in real time and across all supported platforms.
Best feature: Collaborating with family members on tasks like grocery lists or family holiday planning.
Compatibility: Windows; Mac; Android; iOS; Windows Phone; Amazon and Chromebook; including browser support – Chrome; Safari; and Firefox.
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