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December 2nd, 2015 by

Speeding is a lot more serious than what you may think. If you’re caught going 30km/h over the speed limit, in a residential area, or 40 km/h over, in a non-residential area, you’ll be charged with a criminal offence and get arrested. You also run the risk of having your drivers licence suspended.

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Occurence of Speeding Fines in Johannesburg

Millions of fines are issued each year, according to the Road Traffic Infringement Agency’s annual report for 2014/2015. Over the past year alone roughly 6 million fines were issued in Gauteng. Of these, 5.1 million were issued in Johannesburg.

speeding fines

Speeding fines issued in The City of Gold alone amounted to over 4.4 million. With Tshwane far behind at 950 000 of which 502 000 were for speeding.

JMPD spokesman Wayne Minnaar said this was an indication of effective law enforcement.

“Many Joburg motorists take chances and speed, but get caught either by camera or physical enforcement. That is why there are so many speeding tickets issued in Johannesburg,” he said.

“There are about 4.8 million vehicles in Joburg and 800 000 drive into the city daily. As a result, there is more traffic in Joburg than Tshwane.”

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Speeding Fines As a Source of Revenue

Contrary to this thought, Howard Dembovsky of the Justice Project South Africa commented that the number of speeding fines in Johannesburg increases every year. He dubs the cause to be the fact that JMPD is enriching private companies and chasing revenue:

“They have the most speed cameras and contractors. It is no surprise that Tshwane is bigger than Joburg but has millions fewer speeding fines,” said Dembovsky.  

He explained that the number of speeding fines is high because “JMPD is more interested in making money than reducing road incidents. When JMPD chief Zwelibanzi Nyanda told the public protector that, if traffic fine revenue declined in Joburg, it would affect rates and taxes, it became clear that JMPD is more concerned about money than reducing incidents on the road,” he said.

Various roadblocks led by female traffic officers are planned during Women’s Month

Dembovsky  explained that most of the fines for speeding were captured by speed cameras. “When you take a photograph of a speeding car, you can’t do anything if the driver is under the influence of alcohol or their licence has been suspended. The same driver could be involved in an accident later. JMPD should focus more on physical enforcement of the law.”

“JMPD doesn’t seem to understand that the purpose of law enforcement is to reduce incidents on the road. Not make money for the city.”

Rob Handfield-Jones of Corporate Defensive Driving site,, shares Dembovsky’s view “JMPD prosecutes speeding mostly because it is easy and profitable for them. Focusing more on stopping drivers and checking the roadworthiness of their cars, licences, alcohol in system and their fitness to drive will save more lives than taking photographs of speeding cars for a revenue.”

Speeding fines have become vastly more expensive over the last year. Fines such as failing to stop at a traffic light, operating an unroadworthy vehicle, and driving without a license have all been raised to between R1 000 and R3 000. Speeding fines are generally in the R800 – R3 000 range, depending on the offence.

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The rate of repayment on traffic fines is at an all-time low. Across South Africa, the rate of traffic fine repayment is as low as 20%. In Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, and Pretoria, there is an estimated R5 billion in outstanding traffic fines.

  • Hassan Ismail Asmal

    are speeding laws unnecessary and should we have a race track on the roads? one cannot pick and choose which laws to obey,

    • Ron Wheeldon

      The problem as I see it is general lawlessness. I did not drive peak hours for years and now have to again and cannot believe the level of casual lawlessness. Mainly minibus taxis who regard everything with contempt, my pet hate is the turning right from the “go straight” or even “turn left” lanes, often blocking those trying to go straight, blocking intersections because they won’t wait for them to be clear and stopping anywhere, sometimes 3 deep – and of course the driving down the wrong side of the road. My recollection of before was it was only minibus taxis who did this, then mainly black drivers, now it seems to be pretty much everyone. Often the speed limits are inappropriate, but you are right, one cannot pick and choose.

  • the blind moose

    the ONLY time these THINGS are visible… is when they hide behind trees, bushes, man-made structures or at roadblocks, they seem to make it their speciality in ambushing the general public… at no given time have i seen ANY of them rendering a service to the general public, in helping or giving support of ANY form or nature… they give the impression that they have nothing but ONE purpose… to TAKE money from the general public… i have no reason to like or respect any of them !! natural parasites actually DO serve a purpose, these does not serve any purpose

    • *Facepalm*

      No repsect for Metro police at all. Biggest waste of tax payer money ever. Criminals in uniforms.

  • Gavin H Julius

    I always believed that it was more about making money than preventing fatalities.

  • Gerald

    Have you noticed the number of un-roadworthy vehicles on the roads lately? Vehicles and especially taxis driving in the dead of night with no lights at all!! The strangest thing is that they drive right past traffic officials! I am also curious as to whether we are all treated equally when it comes to the road worthiness of vehicles. Some offenders seem to get a pass while others are targeted. Maybe this too is related to where you “think” you are able to collect??

    • Andre H

      That is something we all notice. There are literally hundreds of other offences that go unnoticed, so long as you dont speed. Sounds outrageous!

    • *Facepalm*

      Metro police are corrupt. Im f’ing sick of it. Useless and corrupt to the core.

  • Nishie

    I am very irate about the fact that I got a speeding fine on the KZN South Coast in 2010, paid the fine and kept the proof of payment for over 3 years and then a few months after I decided to chuck the documentation I get an sms saying that fine is still outstanding. What am I to do now?

    • Dougpta

      If you can… I NEVER pay Cash to anyone or any 3rd Party. EFT Payments to everyone. Even 5 years later that transaction is firmly etched in the archives of your Bank Account

      • Nishie

        Unfortunately it was paid in cash:-(

        • *Facepalm*

          Yeah i doubt cash will ever make it to the books.

    • Garth Noakes

      Speeding fines are prescribed after 2 years – the sms is just another sign of anc stupidity. corruption and uselessness

      • Nishie

        I’m thrilled if that is indeed so. I’ve been living in fear that the police is going to come and carry me off to jail.

        • Garth Noakes

          Um – make that 3 years…. Most debt (to the state as well as any other party) is prescribed after 3 years – see Prescription Act 68 of 1969. It is from the date the debt (ie speeding fine) was incurred

  • Andre H

    Have you noticed how often they speed trap motorists at transition points – where the speed changes from lets say 60 to 80km/h they will trap you roughly 100m before the 80km/h change. My question is; is this proper law enforcement, or money making? Is it fair?

    • Sl0m0

      It is illegal to trap within 300m of a speed change – before or after.

      • Valerie Simpson

        But they do it at R1500.00 a pop.

      • GW

        Are these board even 300m apart? There’s a change from 80 to 100 km/h. I got fined R200 here coz I was busy accelerating to 100km/h. When you reach the 80 board, you can very clearly see the 100 board. It takes you a few seconds to reach the 100. Is this even legal???

  • Sharfat

    Need advice on a traffic fine! Earlier this year I received a R2000 fine for apparently jumping a red light on the 25 Oct 2015. The thing is that my brakes failed and had the car towed home, and the speed limit was 50km/h which I was rolling at about 43km/h over the robot to pull over and at this present moment the car is still standing. I had 2 court appearances in which the vehicles license had expired and I had to pull the license. I am a single mom of two kids and my monthly income is R340.00per month, in which I have to buys dypers and feed my kids but this prosecutor at the city hall cape town still wants me to pay the amount which I can’t afford. I really need advice on how to go about this as I am stressing on how to keep my kids stomach full and now this fine stressing me more out cause I am alone seeing to my kids and have the help of nobody.

  • Reject

    Sorry Metro, The previous Premier of KZN is on record as saying that being late for a meeting constitutes an emergency and he then justified the blue light brigades driving like madmen. So I believe that I am also late for whatever and I have the right to speed. Catch me if you can…..

    • *Facepalm*

      Whats good for the goose. Typical government setting the worst posible precedent.

  • Johan Smith

    If so many people are speeding and yet road accidents are staying at about the same level isn’t maybe time to increase the speed limit by at least 20km/h? It seems that this will only legalise what everyne is doing in any case.

  • Make the taxi’s pay back the billions in fines. That should assist with free education 🙂

  • Eugene

    Dont come and tell me about speeding. Rather target the idiots on the road that cant drive. The idiots that cant use idicators and love to cut one off. Then the idiots that drives 20km/h and the whole string of cars behind him. Then the idiots on the roads that are so rude and dont care about the the fellow drivers. Then the idiots that flash lights on the highway to make one change lanes for HIM to pass, i also pay my car lisence. Most khb people should really learn to drive

    • *Facepalm*

      The idiots that jump robots and drive on pavements. The idiots that go down one ways……….Lets just call a spade a spade…When we see the taxis abiding the law then we will believe that any law enforcement is taking place. Until then Metro police are a farce and a waste of taxpers money.

    • Tiaan Nel

      It is totally legal to flash lights to pass. It is even written in n the road law. When ever someone wants to pass and you are in the right lane you must give way for that vehicle. It doesn’t say because you also pay your vehicle license you can keep up traffic behind you. Come on, who is selfish on the road now.
      Keep left, pass right. The first rule of the road in South Africa. Not sit in the roght lane, keep left!

      • *Facepalm*

        Agreed. BUT, it’s NOT legal to do it while you are speeding. When you’re doing 125kmph in the fast lane and some douche comes up behind you at 140 plus expecting you to give way to his wreckless speeding, I’m sorry, that is NOT on. If you want to speed ridiculously then you can find your own way around me, I am NOT moving!

  • abraham

    800,000 vehicles driving in the city of Johannesburg daily means 800000 vehicles passing through a minimum 4 e-tolls daily. Among these vehicles heavy motor vehicles are there too. If one can calculate the e-toll pay an average of R5 (including HMV) per vehicle X4 times/day amount comes to 16 million per day. For 25 days it comes to 400 million rand. SANRAL has made 200 km new road. If one km costs R1.5 million, the total cost will be 300 million rand. That means one month income is more than enough to cover the cost. So it is looting the public. Remove all e-tolls now.

  • *Facepalm*

    Im sorry but the JMPD are uniformed criminals. Apart from the the vast majority of ANC MPs, JMPD is the biggest waste of tax payer money in SA. I never met a more useless bunch.

  • *Facepalm*

    All Metro police must be required to have a dash cam recording their activity. Metro are corrupt to the core.

  • 3007

    Speedy Gonzales….watch it.

  • Herman

    Why dont you concentrate on getting taxi,s to obey traffic laws , instead of wasting time with speeding fines , that are not payed. If you can enforce the law on taxis, the rest of the motorists will be happy to pay for their wrong doing..

  • John

    I bet most unpaid fines come from the Mini bus taxi industry. They have no regard for the law, so why would they pay a fine?

  • Tinus Conway

    I agree 100% I myself have been in the trafic for many years and then it was stil law enforcement these days it is just a money making bussiness not only speeding but also the parking issue in JHB you have not even parked propperly and the yellow jackets are at your side and it is R5.30 if you park for a half a minute or 5 minutes it is a joke rather bring back the parking meters where we at least paid R2.00 for a hour

  • Shelly Richardson

    A while ago, in our local weekly newspaper, which has an auto section in, there was an article relating to camera fines & apparently it was gazetted where it clearly states & I quote: ” If there is NO uniformed officer within 100 metres of said camera, whilst offence is being committed, then said fine becomes invalid”. PLEASE ADVISE IF TRUE OR NOT.

  • Clinton Chetty

    Guys I was driving to kzn about 2 weeks ago, a white ford focus st then began to tail me on the n3 to warden in the free state region. I then accelerated just until I could see a clear opening on the left Lane to allow him to pass, after passing me I see this same car pulled over another audi, turned out to be traffic cops in an unmarked vehicle,so I assumed they were chasing this car, there after they stopped me and arrested me for doing 179km/h yet they were the ones tailing me on the road… They did not stop me immediately, they were in an unmarked vehicle, the officer had no ranks nor did he have a name tag on… I have to drive from Gauteng to the free state for my court case on Thursday… Any advice guys? Is this even legal?

  • Meluleko Josh Mkwananzi

    Some of these are really unfair

  • Sven Paul Robinson

    id like to rock the boat a bit and give my view points

    firstly traffic fine system is purely a revenue stream so therefore consider a speeding ticket to be a rendered ticket to commit an offence

    most issued traffic violation tickets arnt done so legally as the issuing party in many circumstances have also breached protocol or influenced the situation to some degree ,simply inquire how many issued tickets get dismissed/scrapped by the department when the accused makes valid representation

    next the whole speed saga, one must look at the history of how speed limit systems came to be as to how it was defined that what qualities set the tone for speed limit and then look at todays life, the truth is the limits are out of date and need to be reconsidered, also people need to acknowledge the “coincidence” of speed enforcement in areas of vehicle accidents, its just to much to see that on or next day of an officer doing trapping duty that near that vicinity is a traffic incident ,but in other area where speeders are where there have been no enforcement present there have been no problems

    like a UK constable once stated “when you treat people like idiots they will behave like idiots” also have you noticed in areas of no traffic markers are less inclined to have a vehicular incident than areas that have road markings, then within in hours of an area getting marked an incident occurs ?

    I say lets remove all road markings and reconsider the speed limit set on roads and im willing to bet within the following weeks vehicular incidents will be in decline, make the driver more responsible for his actions instead of giving more stringent guides to aid them which then leads to complacency

  • Sven Paul Robinson

    another point regarding traffic incidents and poor driving skills»

    the drivers test, there are too many “schools” that teach people to past the test and not how to be an efficient safe driver ,the method of teaching and testing needs a rethink

    also I feel a drivers education systems needs to be re-implemented at a school level to hard lock into the minds of future drivers how to handle road usage, stop making it easy to get a scapegoat

    the public at large also need a big wake up

    on a different note, lets stop protest marches, if people have the time to organise and mass themselves to march then they have the time to be more effective
    for example the anti-violence march? instead arrange mass self defence class

    the truth of life is the more you keep “bill boarding” the public the more they ignore it because they know there will be a safety net to help them, society needs to be more responsible and cohesive

  • Veroshka van der Walt

    Really, where are you on the R511, William Nicol toward Diepsloot where at least 30 taxis cross red lights in 10 minutes; overtake in the left or right turn only lanes at speeds that scares most people, across red traffic lights; scream down the road at 120km/h with an 80km speed limit with no worry that they will be stopped. What will it take for the JMPD idiots and our real law enforcement agencies to stop this mayhem caused by mostly black taxis, black drivers and white drivers in their luxury vehicles. How many more innocent people who leave their homes on time, and do not have to race to get to their destination, and probably don’t make it because they perished in the process, meeting their undeserved end with an idiot that think that breaking the law in SA is an internationally acclaimed sport!!!!!