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June 8th, 2015 by

life under the ocean wide - Things You Didn't Know About The OceanThings You Didn't Know About The Ocean

70% of the earth is covered by it, it's the place we go on hot days, or to dig our toes in the sand or to "catch some waves" surfing. Today is World Oceans Day and the breathtaking vastness and all the wonders it holds, is still overwhelming to many scientists.

Compare Guru has decided to pay homage pay homage to the ocean looking at some interesting facts you never would have guessed about it.

The Oxygen We Breathe Comes Mostly From The Ocean

Yes, that's right. What you've been taught in school is not incorrect,  trees do still provide us with a huge amount of oxygen but the dominant source sprouts from our oceans. Regarded as the most important organism on earth – phytoplankton algae, which is found in the ocean, provides seventy to eighty percent of the oxygen we breathe in everyday. The green slime is so abundant it can be seen from space and is the main food source for marine life.

Many Mountains And Volcanoes Are Buried Below The Ocean

Discovered in 2009, buried 4000 feet below the ocean, the West Mata erupted the world's hottest lava As a result of this finding, scientists calculated that 80% of volcanic eruptions occur underwater.

Also discovered, the title of the world’s longest mountain range didn't belong to the Andes, instead a mid-ocean mountain range, found at the bottom of the ocean greatly exceeded the American landmark .

The Ocean Holds Many A Mystery

The extent of what we know about the secrets of the ocean is less than what we know about the moon and the planets surrounding us. Only 5% of the the earth's waters have been explored and the mysteries and legends are only just being discovered. Such as:

The "Bloop" detected in 1997, speculated by scientists to  be a marine beast swimming right beneath our feet, yet to be seen or proved to exist. Most believe it is the world’s largest animal.

Tuna Is On The Brink Of Extinction.

The ever- growing popularity of sushi, could see five of eight tuna species extinct within 50 years. Distinctive in nature, the tuna fish can live up to 50 years. Found swimming beside dolphins for protection against sharks,  it's lifespan is still being shortened due to excessive game fishing. Japan, found to be the world's largest fish consumer, overfished the bluefin tuna in 2006 and damaged the overall life stock of tuna. Many countries have now implemented laws and fish farming to restrict and regulate methods of fishing.

We Might Soon Be Swimming In An Ocean Of Acid

The "Evil Twin" of global warming is known as ocean acidification. The increase of carbon results in the decrease of PH levels of the ocean. If you're not a physics major, imagine a crab living in a pool of fizzy drinks. There's no question as to how uncomfortable this creature will feel. The ocean absorbs a third of all human carbon dioxide and provides a third of the world'soxygen. The levels of fossil fuels emitted by  humans has caused the habitat of our main oxygen source and the waters we love to swim in, to be 30% more acidic  in 260 years.

Remember that we are part of the ecosystem and every living organism in the life cycle matters.

Celebrate World Oceans Day by living an eco-friendly lifestyle.