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November 22nd, 2015 by

The new car licence renewal laws are out and there are a couple amendments. If your car licence is up for renewal, below are a few things you need to take into account or risk being turned away.

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button12 1 - Top 5 Asked Questions About The New Car Licence Renewal Laws

1. What is the Reason Behind the Law?

Many have wondered why the law was even implemented in the first place.

Siphesihle Dube, the Western Cape Minister of Transport and Public Works stated that it was, “to ensure that we as the licensing authorities can work better to access all drivers who have vehicles registered with the system and all other people who need to contact the eNatis system for whatever reason.”

2. What About South African Drivers Living Abroad Who Wish to Renew?

There are plenty of South African expats currently living abroad who don’t have any proof of residence documentation. So what about car licence renewal? Dube provides expat requirements below:

“Proof and confirmation by the applicant stating the country, city or town, and residential address where he or she resides, the period of stay, that he or she will be unable to renew the licence in person and the name and identification number of the person who will be submitting the application for renewal.”


3. How Do I Prove That The Car(s) Belong(s) To Me?

This has been asked by drivers who will be sending a friend or relative to renew their licence on their behalf. Dube has stated that,

“This is not about proving ownership, but about verification of ID particulars and address.”

The address of the person should be recorded and confirmed on the eNaTIS, in order to receive the MVL2 renewal notice on behalf of the vehicle owner. This person must present ID and proof of address.

4. What About Outstanding E-toll fees?

Many drivers are wondering how the new laws will affect e-toll payments.

The Automobile Association of South Africa informs:

“We would further like to point out that while there is a requirement for proof of residence, the new regulation cannot be used to withhold a license disc for outstanding e-toll fees.”

This goes for drivers licences as well.


5. What Has Remained Unchanged?

While the process of renewing your licence disc has changed, the laws surrounding vehicle ownership remain unchanged.

  1. Licence discs will remain valid for a period of one year
  2. All motor vehicle insurance policies have to be valid and up to date. It may be a good idea to revise your car insurance policy.
  3. Your vehicle needs to be in a roadworthy state

Banner Image 01  - Top 5 Asked Questions About The New Car Licence Renewal Laws

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  • Chantal Speranza

    We face a problem with a 2nd hand car that we bought with an extension on the renewal of the licence(now expired) and now that we put the car through road worthy and all and gone to renew the cars licence on our name, now we cant as the owner had outstanding fines(all paid up now) and a warrant for his arrest until he appears in court and pays the warrant amount and until then his problem have now become ours! why can we not put the car in our name as we are not at fault and the warrant is in previous owners name as all the fines to, not in ours! Please give me answers and a solution as we have no choice but to drive an unlicensed car.

  • Matome

    Hi….I bought a car with registration of Gauteng,,,now the disc is expired im straggling to renew the disc because im staying in Limpopo and i never change the ownership,,,the person i bought the car to him/her is no way to be fought even the contact no its invalid…

    Pls Help…what to do

  • James Moore

    Good day, I need to renew my vehicle license, what are the requirements. ID, proof of residence and what else?
    I think there is one outstanding fine, can they withhold my vehicle license due to this fine?

  • johan

    can you just imagine how many more unlicensed cars will be on the road.

  • Dark Cabal

    MMM you are abasolutly right – nothing to do with the SAPS or TRAFFIC POLICE!!!!!

    • Howard Silk

      So what do we do if they refuse to give us a disc?

      • Andrew

        Scan, modify and print your own.

        • Massimo Alberto Galassi

          you fool the license fine will accumulate so fast that eventually your number plate would be on the most wanted list

  • Tiyani Milani

    How do you make your own disk? It may come in handy, I need it.

    • MMM

      Ahhhh, that I cant tell you, sorry mate

      • Tiyani Milani

        I need help MMM, you can contact me privately please!

        • Brendan Smit

          The process is very simple but also very illegal.

          • Tiyani Milani

            Help me out mate… [email protected]

          • mynaamis beertjie

            Photoshop, mate. Even his resolution scanners with OCR software. They can suck my gonads if they ever refuse my license disks

  • Tony Wellard

    I have many cars that are not roadworthy as I’m rebuilding them, but I don’t want to have to go through the shelp of having to put them on the raod from a fresh when they are roadworthy

    • Suzanne

      Then only reg it on your name… You can also lic & reg without r/w but you wont receive a disc until the vehicle is r/w

      • Wayne Abroue

        You wont receive the disk,,However the bill you surely will receive. I was forced to pay for 5 years back payments,,I eventually chopped the car up.

  • Agent 007

    All fines need to be paid up, please cry me a river, it is unconstitutional and illegal. The court first have to prove you are guilty of the offense. Do traffic authorities think we are all sub IQ like them?

    • Zeus

      i have paid and have a receipt, but my license disk was never given to me as they want all outstanding fines paid.

      i am disputing 99% of them.

      they refuse point blank to issue it.

      in fact the computer at the cashier does not even allow for printing.

      • Agent 007

        There are many lawyers who specialize in this, take the matter further

      • MashuduMaranda

        they just do not want to print it out for you it is not like the system doesn’t allow to print.

    • Tiaan Kruger

      not traffic fines.
      Fines for letting your license disk expire way too long, and stuff like that.

      They cant stop you because of traffic fines (unless they got a court order/ interdict )

  • Suzanne

    I think they are talking about outstanding lic fees, for example if you go to the traffic department to renew your lic 2 months after the due date you will pay a penalty.

  • James Van Niekerk

    How do you renew online. please advise. email me . [email protected]

  • Jonathan C Bodenstein

    Not a pleasure owning a vehicle in this country ! Red tape and sneaky cash collectors posing as “traffic ” Cops ! 🙁 Rater do real traffic ordinance and behave less than Gestapo in uniform ! To get the average public to toe the line ! Your cheer condonement of rogue taxi drivers tells me you are not serious!

  • Zeus

    please let us all know how to do it online.

  • Rob Martin

    Agree — no one asked for proof of insurance 50% + don’t have insurance.

  • SilverBullet

    I went to renew with the notice for renewal that was sent to my house with my residential address on it, and was turned down. Its stupid they mail you the notification with the address on, so why cant it be used as residential address verification?

  • Andrew

    They will not refuse your money, but if you have fines for which a warrant or an AARTO enforcement order has been issued, they can withhold the physical disk. So pay up, so that you don’t end up in arrears, and then print your own disk.

    The insurance requirement is (unfortunately) BS. It would be great if all motorists were obliged to have insurance.

    • Tiaan Kruger

      yes, like in america where they actually ask for it at roadblocks (so properly enforced). I would be awesome if they enforce it here

      • Tiaan Kruger

        even if it is just 3rd party insurance

  • madhatter

    And so the bureaucratic hurdles increase to no benefit of the citizens

  • Melanie Gesen Venugopal

    If I have outstanding e-toll fines, will they not renew my license disc?

    • Jessica Woodruff

      You are still able to renew your licence disc.

  • Christiaan van der Berg

    What about the drivers that bought their drivers licenses from corrupt officials?The going rate is about R3000.00 to my knowledge.

  • Andre Kleyn

    I say every owner of a vehicle should be able to proof your insurance policy is in place. Why bother where you live. So many have obtained their driver’s license illegally and when they are 99.9% the cause of accidents (deliberate inflicted) you have to be penalized for their uselessness.

  • Frank

    Insurance for your own vehicle and more critically your liability to other is NOT compulsory and that’s the problem!