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April 2nd, 2015 by

trevor noah gq select 1 wide a5229644b878879c8acd7679632cc67e1ffbd741 - Upping the Ante on Social Media Written by Grace Belger

We are so proud of our "boytjie" Trevor Noah for taking over from Jon Stewart as the late-night television host on Comedy Central. 'The Daily Show' is one of the most prestigious television host spots in the US and Noah will become the first African ever as well as the youngest ever.
As young as he is, Noah knows the power of social media and how it drives his reputation. But perhaps he has forgotten that in cyber space his reputation is in the hands of untrained, uncensored, anonymous third parties who can spread negative, damning content as quickly as he can enhance his profile. 
He is a comedian and a really good one at that, so the volume and breadth of data about Trevor out there is staggering. Critical to his reputation, however, is that he has left a trail which never forgets and is open to the whole wide world – a world of instant gratification where people react before thinking. 
And a world where the context of the tweet at the time is lost and unrecorded – posing the risk of historical data mining being easily misconstrued.
While twitter can raise your profile to new heights it can take you way under in nanoseconds. While the world and especially South Africa celebrates our protégé, some old tweets are being dug up and are destined to haunt him.
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