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March 18th, 2015 by

shutterstock 188320001 - When Your Home is Smarter Than You Now that smart homes have become a reality, cool new gadgets pop up every other day, further integrating the Internet of things into our daily lives. Almost everything in your home can now be controlled digitally and remotely with a wireless connection; if you have the right gadgets. You can simplify your life with self-navigating vacuum cleaners, facial-recognition security, automated gardening tools, and even temperature regulating blankets. It appears the future has arrived. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the gadgets currently on the market for you to digitise different aspects of your house.



Jibo Robot Helper- This incredibly smart robot can communicate with you through sound effects, images, and even emotional cues. Your own personal home assistant, the Jibo uses facial-recognition technology to get to know you by learning all of your preferences and habits. It then issues you daily reminders and updates based on those habits and your connected smartphone data.

Netamo Welcome- The Netamo is a security camera that uses facial-recognition technology, and records all videos to a local SD card.  It also allows you to live stream from a connected device at any time. The facial-recognition notifies you when family members have arrived home, and will also alert you when it sees an unknown face. The facial-recognition tech then allows the app on your connected device to generate an arrival timeline.

Pet Cube- While it could be used as a security camera, the Pet Cube is an app controlled camera designed to allow you to watch what your pet is up to at home. It also has a built-in microphone so you can talk to it. The most fun feature? It allows you to enable a laser pointer to play with your pet.

Belkin WeMo Door and Window sensor- As the name suggests, the sensor tracks whether your doors and windows are open. If connected to other WeMo devices, it can control things like your air conditioning system according to the status of the doors and windows.

Vitality GlowCap- The GlowCap should be a requirement for all pill bottles. It reminds you when to take your pills, it can share information with your doctor, and even submit refill prescriptions.

The Moneual Rydis H68 Pro Vacuum Cleaner- This highly convenient robot vacuum moves and navigates by itself, as well as mops and vacuums at the same time.

Window Blinds- Instead of handling blinds manually, you can now control them from your smart device, and even programme them to run on automated schedules.



Discovery iQ Convection Oven- All settings are controllable via wifi, and it allows you to access recipes on an LED screen.  As a bonus, it comes in an array of bright colours.

LG ThinQ Refrigerator- The highly impressive ThinQ has an 8 inch LED screen that connects to a smartphone app via a WiFi connection. You can use it to keep inventory of all the food it stores, and make shopping lists accordingly.


Solar Powered Gardening Tool- An Edyn creation, this modern gardening tool monitors environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, light and soil quality, and then waters your garden based on its collected data.

H2O Smart Pot- The definition of a smart pot, this is programmed with a database of over 7000 plants, so when it waters your plants for you, it knows exactly how much water to release. It can be controlled through its Bluetooth enabled connection.  



Hansgrohe RainBrain System- This built-in shower system allows you to program your shower experience according heat, music and light settings.

Archer VibrAccoustic Bath- When empty, this smart bath acts as a Bluetooth speaker system. It may seem odd, but the real trick happens when it’s full. The music’s vibrations actually send ripples through the water for in home hydrotherapy sessions.



Sleep Number Mattress- Forget sleep tracking phone apps. The mattress itself tracks all your movements, breathing and heart rate.

Outlasting Temperature Regulating Sheets System- To emphasise how smart it is, this technology was first engineered for NASA. It’s able to both absorb and release excess body heat and moisture to give you the most comfortable sleep possible.