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10 Amazing Tech Companies’ Office Perks

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2016-09-30
We explore the top 10 companies in terms of the perks they offer. From being able to bring your pet to work to unlimited leave, take a look.
When it comes to office perks, a lot of us would rejoice at just one of the many perks tech companies enjoy on a daily basis. The main philosophy behind offices perks is to up productivity and one way to do that is through happy employees.

Here Are The Top 10 Tech Companies In Terms Of Office Perks

*All info gathered via Glassdoor.

1. Adobe

  1. Adoption assistance
  2. Remote work
  3. A sabbatical option after five years
  4. Tuition assistance
  5. Job training
  6. Legal assistance
  7. Gym reimbursement
  8. Maternity leave up to 26 weeks paid time off

2. Airbnb

  1.  Annual allowance to travel and stay around the world
  2. Free daily meals and snacks
  3. Paid volunteer time
  4. Company-sponsored outings (including events)

3. Amazon

  1. Employees of Amazon get 10% off items sold by
  2. Adoption assistance
  3. Free Snacks
  4. Professional development
  5. Tuition assistance
  6. Mobile phone discounts
  7. Stock options
  8. If you are an Amazon employee in Seattle, you get to kick back on a hammock at the company’s awesome new indoor treehouse complex

4. Apple

  1. Discounts on all Apple products (and stocks)
  2. Free concerts, "beer bashes" and transportation reimbursement
  3. Wellness centre with dieticians, chiropractors, and other medical professionals
  4. Comprehensive training
  5. Tuition assistance
  6. Donation matching
One Glassdoor reviewer commented, “It’s one of the best companies in the world for a reason.”

5. Asana

  1. Life-coaching services
  2. Organic home-cooked meals twice a day
  3. Monthly Uber allowance
  4. Pets allowed
  5. Yoga Classes
  6. Customised workstation (with a $10 000 allowance for workspace furnishing)
It’s up to you how to spend your workspace allowance. You may want to simulate your workspace at home or buy a computer you could never afford - the sky is the limit as long as its under $10 000.  

6. Facebook

This is where the jealousy really sets in:
  1. Healthcare on-site
  2. Four months maternity and paternity leave
  3. $4000 in “baby cash” for new employees
  4. Internal professional development classes
  5. Canteen that offers delicious and free meals.
  6. Nap pod
“With Facebook you literally do not have to worry about anything – every benefit possible is available to you.”

7. Google

  1. Over 30 cafes to order, from Indian food to fresh fruit smoothies
  2. On-site haircuts
  3. Nap pod
  4. Concierge to do all employees' errands to save them time
  5. Pets allowed
  6. Game rooms
  7. Foodtruck pit
  8. Laundry and dry cleaning
  9. Medical staff on-site
  10. Free fitness classes
  11. Lego display
  12. Access to tech talks
  13. Free massages
  14. Spousal support in the event of an employee's death. Google pays the spouse 50% of their salary for 10 years, as well as $1000 a month per child.

8. Netflix

  1. One year maternity and paternity leave
  2. Flexible holiday leave (employees have full control over when they will take leave and for how long, as long as it doesn't affect their job performance)
  3. Free lunch
  4. Mobile phone discounts
  5. Stock purchase plan

9.  Twitter

  1. Three catered meals per day
  2. Unlimited time off (within reason)
  3. Gym membership reimbursements
  4. Onsite acupuncture
  5. Meditation classes
  6. A coffee bar
  7. A beer bar
  8. A wine bar
  9. Rooftop deck

10. Zynga

  1. Relaxation lounges with arcades and gaming systems
  2. Free artisan coffee bar
  3. Pets allowed
  4. A rooftop dog park
  5. Snack kitchens
Naturally,  these perks are 'rewards due to talent' and all interview processes are stringent and lengthy. With perks like these, it pays to work hard and be at the top of your professional career, and definitely beats the Monday Blues!

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