10 Most Bizarre Excuses People Use For Skipping Work #2 Is Hilarious

From diarrhea to your kid is sick – chances are your boss has heard it all. But I’m sure you haven’t tried any of these excuses because they are absolutely hilarious!
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10 Most Bizarre Excuses Written by Melissa Nyman From The Legal Side of Things The legal description for absence from work ranges from staying away from your desk for an unnecessary long period to absconding altogether. In South Africa, absence from work altogether is the hardest type of absence employers deal with, this is simply because it’s tough to spot the legit from the lie. Career Builder’s Outrageous Excuses List Every year Career Builder releases a list of the most outrageous excuses out there. Here are the statistics developed from these lists:
  • 38% employees were physically fine but used the “mental health day” card
  • 27% have a doctor’s appointment
  • 26% said they needed to relax
  • 21% confessed they just needed to catch up on sleep
  • 12% blamed it on bad weather
These excuses are considered amateur when it comes to these real life situations people told Career Builder in their most recent list: 10. An Employee Said Her Cat Was Stuck Inside The DashBoard of Her Car 9. His Doctor Told Him He Needs More Vitamin D, So He’s Off To The Beach 8. A guy cooked a meal for the department potluck and it didn’t turn out well. 7. Another Employee Said His Put All His Underwear in The Washer 6. An Employee Poked Herself In The Eye While Combing Her Hair 5. One Guy’s Girlfriend Found Out He Was Cheating and He SPent The Day Retrieving His Clothes From The Dumpster 4. The Universe Told One Guy He Should Take The Day Off 3. An Employee Broke His Arm Trying To Grab A Falling Sandwich 2. An Employee Was Stuck Under The Bed 1. The One Guy Said His Grandma Fed Him Poisoned Ham