10 Of The Best Gifts To Get Your Dad This Fathers Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, sons and daughters around the world will be rushing to find that perfect gift to spoil dad for the day. Ditch the boring socks and dull shirts, and get your dad something special with a little help from this handy guide.
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10 of The Best Gifts 1.  A bottle of personalised Famous Grouse whiskey.

Is your dad a whiskey lover? Then why not get him his own personalised bottle of Famous Grouse. The bottle will come with his name printed onto the side, making it the perfect bottle to display on his whiskey cabinet. Should you want to get him a little something extra, the whiskey is also available with a snack box.

2. A portable cocktail set.

Another perfect gift for the booze loving dad, this portable cocktail kit has everything he’ll need to be crowned the king of happy hour. Compact and easily transportable, the kit includes space for bottles and mixers and comes with two martini glasses, a stainless-steel shaker and a vermouth miser. All of this is kept inside a case made from genuine leather.

3. A classic shaving kit.

Did your dad learn how to shave the old-school way and has been sticking with it ever since? Then this classic shaving kit is the perfect gift for him. The kit includes a chrome stand, a Merkur safety razor made from badger hair, Sandalwood shaving cream, and Italian made aftershave. While this razor may be a classic, you can be sure that it will never go out of style.

4. The Biltong King Food Dehydrator.

Everyone loves biltong, so why not spoil your dad with his own dehydrator this Father’s Day. This Mellaware dehydrator allows you to make your own great tasting home-made biltong and droe wors. Not only can you make your own biltong, but the dehydrator is also perfect for making delicious dried fruits.

5. A braai spice set.

This gift is perfect if you’re planning on a family braai for Father’s Day, and frankly, every dad loves to braai. Get the braai tongs, the meat and the beer out and top it all off with this braai spice set which includes twelve different spices. This gift is perfect to spice up any of your dad’s braais.

6. Jan Braai cookbook.

Staying with the braai theme, why not help your dad bring a little flair to his braai with the Jan Braai cookbook. With more than 30 braai recipes, this book also includes dessert and starter recipes, and advice on how to start the perfect fire and how to keep it going. This gift is perfect for any dad that is passionate about his braai!

7. The Leatherman Sidekick pocket tool.

The ideal gift for every handyman dad out there, the Leatherman Sidekick. With fifteen different functions, including three separate screwdrivers, pliers, bottle-openers and a ruler. With this pocket tool your dad will have everything he needs to get all of those minor fixes around the house done in no time.

8. A Beer making kit. 

Craft beer has taken the world by storm, and now your dad can join in on the craze with his own beer making kit. The kit comes complete with a one gallon fermenter, a chambered airlock, stopper, thermometer, and everything else your dad will need to make his own custom brew.

9. The Snack Attack snack box.

For all the dads who love their snacking, this simple yet delicious snack box is certain to satisfy. Included is biltong, chips, nougat and nuts. Boxes are available in small, medium and large, depending on the size of your dad’s appetite.

10. A heavy-duty tool cabinet.

Does your dad struggle to keep his tools organised? Then this is the perfect Father’s Day gift, a tool cabinet with a fifty pound capacity. The drawers move seamlessly under ball-bearing sliders, giving your dad easy access to all of his tools, and the enhanced precision means that the drawers always clip firmly into place.