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3 Steps To Give Your Car A Waterless Car Wash

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2017-02-13
In light of the recent water restrictions, we were curious to see if you could give your car a ‘waterless car wash’. Here is how you do it.
In light of the current water conditions in the Western Cape, and in areas across South Africa, we thought we'd determine if it was indeed possible to do a 'waterless car wash'. The washing of cars with municipal water is strictly prohibited under the Level 3b water restriction rule.

Here's how to do a WATERLESS car wash

Waterless cleaning agents work by spraying on a water soluble wax and wiping off the excess. While most think that this could lead to micro-scratches on your car's exterior, this isn't actually the case. Superior cleaning agents like GreenMachine, H2 Zero, and Adam's Waterless Car Wash Collection, actually "lift" the dirt off the car. It is critical that you analyse all reviews of a product and relate all customer experiences to the brand you trust the most. Waterless car cleaners can be purchased at some department stores, most major automotive retailers, and online.
  • Some popular brands of waterless car wash include Adam's Waterless Car Wash Collection and H2 Zero.
  • Some car washes, like The Green Machine, use eco-friendly or biodegradable ingredients that aren't harmful to the environment.

Step 1

waterless car wash Spray the waterless cleaning agent onto a microfibre cloth. Make sure the cloth is completely saturated before you start to clean the car. Microfibre cloths are non-abrasive and work better than regular "lappies" at cleaning your car and preserving its paint. FAST FACT: Cleaning agents like dishing washing liquid should NOT be used to wash a car, as it can actually accelerate oxidisation which weakens your paintwork.
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Step 2

waterless car wash, micro fibre cloth To rinse off the cleaning solution, use a damp micro fibre cloth to remove the cleaning solution. You can take a bucket and a cup of water to keep the cloth saturated. Go over the areas that you scrubbed with your cleaning solution and continue until the remainder of the solution is off your car, and there is no leftover residue or fogginess.

Step 3

wash your car without water, chamois, waterless car wash Now with the use of a dry micro fibre cloth, dry your car's exterior in circular motions. You can also use a 'chamois' or 'squeegee'  to dry off your car and give a smooth and velvety look. Make sure your entire car is dry to ensure no chemicals are left behind on your paint.