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4 Tech-Inspired Halloween Pranks and Costumes

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2016-10-21
With Halloween just around the corner, here are some tech-inspired ideas for terrifying pranks and / or costumes.
Halloween is probably the best time of year. Not only do you get tons of free sweets, you also get to dress up and parade around in your favourite scary costume.

Tech-Inspired Halloween Pranks and Costumes

When it comes to tech, the scariest thing this year is probably Samsung’s exploding Galaxy Note 7 (which could even be inspiration for your costume this year). But that’s not all the tech-related scariness that you can get up to in 2016.

1. Ghost Drones

GhostDrone1 If you want to add a high tech creepy factor to your Halloween celebrations this year, you could always “dress” your drone up as a ghost or a Dementor. If you’re looking for a brand new, no-one else has it yet drone, then take a look at the new Mavic Pro from DJI (R19 999) or the Karma drone by GoPro (R15 995).

2. That’s My Face

Custom-Face-Products-from-Thats-My-Face1 Imagine a world where everyone looked like you. Well, now you don’t have to wonder anymore, thanks to you can now have masks (and other things) made of your face. Now everyone can look like you, which could be a good thing or a creepy thing. Or you could just re-enact your own version of Orphan Black.

3. Digital-Dudz

maxresdefault Halloween costumes are cool, but if you really want to creep someone out, then you need to get some Digital-Dudz. On the company’s website, you can buy a t-shirt or a full costume, pop your smartphone or tablet into a special pouch and then let technology work its creepy magic. The t-shirt / costume works thanks to an app and your smartphone or tablet. All you do is put the device into a special pocket and then, thanks to the app, a looping video plays which makes it look as if it’s part of the t-shirt / costume design. You can do everything from making an eye move to making it look like your stomach is being ripped open.

4. Sleep At Dracula’s Castle Probably the most famous of all supernatural villians, the name Dracula has terrorised people for centuries. Thanks to Airbnb, you could win the opportunity to sleep in the legendary vampire’s castle. Simply head over to the Airbnb website for a chance to win.

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