5 Incredible 2025 Tech Predictions

Technology is moving forward at an alarming rate, with common tech items, such as smartphones, being improved upon year-to-year. But, predicting the direction that technology is headed, however, is not always so simple, as many different factors come into play. Here are five predictions, according to Compare Guru, on some of the technology we could be using by 2025.
Compare Guru

Crash-Proof Cars Will Do The Driving

Engineers and designers at both Volvo and BMW have been working on technology which could limit and eventually eliminate car collisions. The cars make use of autonomous or 'self-driving' automation, effectively lessening the chance of human error while driving. The technology has been called 360-degree collision avoidance and makes use of radar, sonar and other alert systems to communicate with the car's onboard computer to prevent road accidents and other collisions. This news has been welcomed by motorists and vehicle manufacturers alike, seeing as though more than 5000 people are killed each year on South Africa's roads.

Telemedicine Will Be The New Doctors Without Borders


Telemedicine is already being used around the world by doctors to diagnose patients via video conference call. The technology has been advancing at such an incredible pace that medical experts expect that by 2025 procedures such as surgery, nursing, medical consultation and trauma care will be able to be managed from a remote location. This will have a variety of positive side effects, such as: more affordable health care (especially in poorer regions), more accurate diagnosis, and more regular check-ups.  


The Television Will Know All Of Your Favourite Shows


The Microsoft Kinect and Samsung Smart TV has already given viewers a taste of what facial recognition technology holds for the future of television. By 2025, your television will use sensors to be able to detect when you have walked into the room, and will then use facial recognition to determine who is in the room and switch to the channels most watched by that person.


”Light Peak” Will Allow You To Send 100 Gigabytes Per Second

This technology will allow users to be able to link multiple devices together, across multiple peripherals. The Light Peak technology is in the form of a computer chip which is able to process information at much greater speeds than a standard USB or other ports. Current forms of Light Peak technology are roughly 20 times faster than USB, with future types estimated to be able to transfer entire terabytes, in a few seconds. Expect Light Peak technology to become commercially available in the near future., This is due to take place after Apple have announced they have partnered with Intel to make the technology commercially available.

Technology Will Bring Back Long Extinct Animals

Cloning techniques were first spearheaded by Dr Teruhiko Wakayama at the Riken Centre for Developmental Biology in 2008. Dr Wakayama began experiments of cloning mice using tissue that had been frozen for 16 years, and after these experiments were successful they are hopinge to move onto larger, more exoctic animals. Scientists already have their sights set on resurrectingressurecting the 10 000 year extinct woolly mammoth by using tissue samples recovered from ice. This technology could help diversify current eco-systems by reintroducing extinct species into the wild.