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5 Must-Have Apps: Traveller Edition

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2016-11-23
These days, there is an app for every purpose. Here are 5 must-have travelling apps for the coming holidays!
There's a lot of fun to be had when travelling, but there are also a ton of unknowns. Travelling means having to give up your favourite things and your creature comforts that have become a part of your daily rituals. mobiledeals_article_banner

5 Must-Have Travelling Apps

To help make travelling more enjoyable, here our some of our must-have apps for travellers:

1. Citymapper

Geared towards commuters, Citymapper is a fantastic way to figure out how to get around an unfamiliar city using local transport. It tells you when the next train (or bus or tram) is and tells you all the stops on the line you're travelling on. You can also check the service status (whether or not the line is running on time) and share the information you find with your friends or loved ones via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or text message. You can also get alerts and notifications for changes in operation status (for any mode of public transport in the city you're in) popping up on your phone. Available on Android and iOS. Cost: Free.


Have you ever gotten to a city, gotten lost, and not had any internet connection to access Google or Apple Maps? If so, then is the app for you. Once you've installed the app on your phone, you open it, allow it to access your location, and it downloads a map of that area / city for you. You'll be able to access this map offline, which means no more getting lost. You'll be able to see streets as well as search for things like petrol stations, hotels, and restaurants - all while offline. Available on Android and iOS. Cost: Free.
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3. Rome2Rio

If you're like some, then travelling to a different country means trying to see as many places as possible. Most of which are not all in one city. Trying to figure out how to travel between cities or towns can be a time consuming nightmare. Rome2Rio makes all of that much easier. The app asks you where you'd like to go and where you're travelling from. Once you've entered those details, it then provides you with various options to help you get from A to B. The options provided include bus, train, and plane. It also shows you the estimated cost of your travels including transportation from your starting point to the airport (if you're taking a plane), and the cost of the flight. If you're flying between cities, then a list of airlines, flight times, and flight durations are presented. Available on Android and iOS. Cost: Free.

4. Google Translate

When travelling internationally, the odds are that, at some point, you'll end up in a place where your primary language is not the most widely spoken language. Instead of attempting to learn a few (hopefully) useful phrases to get you out of a tight spot, you could just download the Google Translate app. It lets you download a variety of languages, which you can access no matter where you are - even without internet access. You can use the app to translate phrases or sentences from English to one of your selected languages (or vice versa). This can be via either text or even by pointing your phone's camera at a sign / image and letting Google Translate do what it does best to translate things for you. Available on Android and iOS. Cost: Free.

5. My Data Manager

Staying connected, while travelling, is a must. But, if you're on a limited data plan, there can be quite a shocking bill at the end of the month when you get back home. My Data Manager is a great way to keep track of your mobile data usage. This thanks to its built-in metrics and monitoring tools. It lets you set usage limits so you don’t go over your data plans.
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Once having installed the app on your phone, it starts monitoring your data usage for mobile, WiFi, and roaming. The app works quietly in the background and collects information about your daily data usage. The best part of My Data Manager is that it does not require any manual setup. But, you can configure an alarm whenever you reach the limits (which you've set) of your data plans. Available on iOS. Cost: Free.

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