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5 Of The Perfect “Empty Nest” Cars

Author: Sherryn de Vos
Date: 2017-04-03
Are you experiencing the famous “empty nest”? Are your children leaving home? What is the next car you should look at?
It is something every parent will eventually face. The kids have grown up and gone through school and university. Your daily errand running, hours of waiting for them during soccer practice, and ballet recitals is over. No longer will you need the family-sized van for carpool and long journeys to the coast.
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5 Of The Perfect "Empty Nest" Cars

Now is your time to think about the car that you have always wanted to drive! Are you wanting the zippy sports car you have always dreamed of? What about the budget friendly hatchback to get you from A to B? These are our recommendations for the “Empty Nest" car.

1. Something Flashy

The days of 'mom-taxi' are over. No longer do you have to worry about sticky fingers on the windows and discarded packets of fast food tucked behind seats. Carting the offspring and their thousands of friends have now become a thing of the past. You have also spent your entire life working for your money, so now it may be time to spoil yourself. If your budget allows, why don’t you consider the Porsche 911 Carrera S? If 0-100 in less than four seconds is something that will blow your hair back, this is the car that you just cannot go wrong with. With excellent handling and a top speed of 308kms/hr, this is still considered one of the most economical supercars on the market. Although the latest models have a slightly toned down engine, the growl of this beauty will still get your heart racing and your palms sweaty.

2. Something Sensible

Not everyone can afford to buy their dream car. And, let’s face it, retirement is really just around the corner. Now can be your time to start scaling back a bit. Maybe you will be moving into a smaller place, and getting a smaller, more fuel efficient car. If you simply need something that will get you from A to B, your ideal car could be a lot smaller than you are used to. Why not pick something that you will be able to pay off quickly and easily, that doesn’t take a small country’s economy to fuel? The Ford Focus is a great economical choice if you are looking for something a bit more responsible. The fuel consumption averages around 10 litres per 100kms. While the retail price hovers around the mid R200 000 mark, depending on what model you get.  

3.  Something Green

Why don’t you consider joining the green revolution and trying out one of the green cars? The Nissan Leaf is the very first fully electrical car and could be a viable option if you are looking to change your life. The car achieves 0-100kms per hour in 11 seconds and has a top speed of 150kms/hour. There is a distinct lack of engine noise and the handling is effortless. The car works off a 24kWh battery that needs to be charged very 180kms or so, depending on your driving. So, if you are planning a road trip, keep this in mind!

4. Something Fun

Is adventure running in your veins and, now, the empty nest has provided you with the ideal opportunity to explore nature? If conquering Namibian sand dunes and exploring Botswana outbacks is your thing, this 4X4 is your answer. The Land Rover Defender was built specifically for adventure enthusiasts to pack the tent on the roof and get into the thick of nature. The car has been built basically, yet it can handle any challenge an off-road trek will throw at it. Despite lacking any sophisticated luxuries and comfort, this is still the smartest and safest choice to handle all terrain. Although Land Rover has stopped making this particular model, you can still pick up a second hand one for around R500 000.

5. Something to Explore

Is 'bundu bashing' not your thing? But, the open road is still calling your name? This is your time to start exploring the beautiful landscapes Southern Africa can offer. Packing the car for the long unending roads around South Africa is not as difficult as it seems. The BMW X3 is a great choice to hook your caravan onto, to hit the long roads in comfort and style. The vehicle will be able to handle some of the tougher terrains, should it need to, and you will be able to see the country from its luxurious seats and air-conditioned cabin.

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