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5 Things Every Mom Does On the Internet

Author: Sherryn de Vos
Date: 2017-04-21
You have the Interweb, the dark web and now, mom-web. We look at all of the hilarious things that every mom does on the internet!
There are over one billion websites in the world. Did you know that? One BILLION. But, we all know that moms have found their five to eight favourites, and boy oh boy, are they sticking to them! From online games, (fake) news, and their daily dose of social media, we take a look at the (mostly hilarious) things that you can find your mom doing on the internet. Expect a like from mom, at least two comments, and then a call for you to explain how to share it from her page when you share this article!

1. Pinterest Projects

Moms all over the planet have developed an almost unhealthy obsession with Pinterest. Everything has become a Pinterest project. Back gardens all over the country have started resembling Afripallet out in Stellenbosch. Stacked up, in various states of disrepair, these pallets are waiting to be transformed into the latest dog bed project, or ready to become the latest outdoor seating area. Take a scroll through my mom’s boards, for example, and you will find yourself on a journey of Thai Chi, baby animals, those terrible life quotes, and crocheting. The clincher is the rock board, packed with Led Zeppelin, Hendrix and, wait for it, Korn and Sisters of Mercy. 

2. Facebook Fanatics

We all knew it was going to happen. Slowly but surely, the world’s moms started signing up to Facebook. We all resisted it at first and ignored the persistent friend requests, but we all eventually gave in and clicked accept. Boy, do some of us regret it now! Moms seem to, either, be online permanently or have alerts for every time you post something. Every single post gets a reaction (likes are just not emotive enough anymore) and endless comments. Moms also seem to need to sign off on everything, don’t they?
 “That’s my handsome man! Love mom xx” on every photo uploaded. Or the infamous comment on your friends post; “Make sure Stephen doesn’t get into trouble this weekend ok? Love Aunty Jude xx”.

3. Scams, Hoaxes, and Fake News

Moms are the reason these even exist! Hands up whose mom has not shared something along the lines of:
“Feeling amazed! The moon is going to be closer to the earth than it has ever been next week!” 
This, and the thousands of other hoaxes, shared by mom, that leave you wondering if you were actually adopted. And, don’t moms just have this incredible way of texting you straight after posting something to your wall? Because what are notifications for anyway, right?
We have all had the excitable text; “Hi Love! Mark Zuckerburg, who created the internet, is giving away $100 000 and I can win it!”

4. Candy Crush / Farmville And Every-Other-Game-Created Requests

Getting 300 Candy Crush requests a day from mom is no joke. We have all been there! We are actually convinced that moms would be able to smash any level of any game ever created. And, heaven help all if she runs out of lives and gets kicked out of the game for a day. And, once the novelty of one wears off, there are thousands of other games to keep mom busy!

5. Chain Emails

Moms seem to love forwarding emails. To almost every single person they know. Doesn't this look familiar: "Re: Re: Re: Re: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Re: Fwd: Funny cats." You find yourself in an email thread of about 400 replies with the uncle you haven’t spoken to for years and moms friend, Barbara. There is always a Barbara! The emails range from everything from petitions, to "share and the 5-year-old, bed-ridden child will get better" (how?!), to “pass on and you will get a stack of cash tomorrow”. Moms love funny emails too! How many times have you received an email from mom and, a few seconds later, a call with mom in hysterical laughter on the phone? But, this is why we love them, right?

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