5 Time-Wasting Habits You Need To Cut Out In Order To Get Ahead

There’s a statistic that is often quoted which says that approximately 20% of your actions account for 80% of your success. That leaves 80% of what you’re doing as a low-value activity, or a complete waste of time. Here’s what you need to cut out if you want to make it ahead of the pack:
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Written by Nicholas Bowen
  1. Stop Checking Your Emails Constantly.

In the U.S, it has been reported that almost 40% of people reply to emails within 30 minutes of receiving them. The time it takes to constantly check emails starts adding up, and could cost you hours every week. Log out of your email when not using it, and only check emails twice per day.

  1. Stop Multi-Tasking.

Constant multi-tasking may benefit some of your co-workers, but it only results in a loss of time and productivity for yourself. It can prevent you from focusing properly, meaning you might not be able to complete a certain task to the best of your abilities.

  1. Stop Never Saying No.

Trying to please everyone by never saying ‘no’ is a sure way to get overwhelmed with work that isn’t yours, leading to you lose focus on your core projects. Everyone needs to do their bit, use your time wisely and any spare time you get to yourself, use to relax or for personal projects.

  1. Stop Being Disorganised.

Having to organise your workspace, schedule and work flow constantly is a huge time waster. Make sure that you tidy up after yourself, and that you have a schedule planned well in advance, with realistic goals and timeframes. Find a few good organisation habits and stick by them.

  1. Stop Inviting Interuptions.

Gossiping in the kitchen, cigarette breaks and checking on social media are just a few of the things that can cause interruptions to your work routine. Cutting out these habits will help increase your productivity, increase your focus on the task at hand and completing your workload much faster.