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5 Ways An Insurance Company Can Dodge A Claim

Author: Sherryn de Vos
Date: 2017-03-22
You have just submitted a claim to your insurance provider, and they have rejected it. What could have gone wrong?
The worst has just happened, and you have just been robbed of your household contents. Or lightning has just wiped out every electronic device in your house. You submit a claim to your insurance company and sit back waiting for them to pay out. Only to find that they have rejected it, or are only paying a portion. Once the initial shock and annoyance has worn off, you will need to have a look at your policy a bit closer to find out why. We take a look into the possible reasons why your claim might not be paid out by an insurer.

You Weren’t Paying Your Premium

This might sound quite obvious, but it does happen quite frequently. Perhaps you missed the month’s premium or the debit order didn’t go off your account. Either way, should you be claiming straight after you have not paid, the chances of the insurer paying out a claim are quite slim.
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The Driver Wasn’t Covered

Make sure you know your insurance contract inside and out before allowing anyone to drive your car. Should they be involved in an accident, and the insurer was not aware that someone, apart from you was behind the wheel, they could reject it. The trick is to know who is covered at all times. Have your insurance company on speed-dial to let them know that you won’t be driving the car.

Your Car (Or You) Were Not Roadworthy

Should an insurer find out that you have been driving a car that is unroadworthy, your claim will be rejected. Should you have been driving recklessly, or driving drunk, that is even more reason to be declined. In your contract, there is usually a clause about “failure to take care”. Information could emerge during the investigation that your bad driving behaviour was the cause of the accident. The direct effect of this will be a rejection of the claim.
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You Withheld Information

Check when you sign for insurance. You will notice that you are asked several times if the information provided is true and accurate. There is a very good reason for this. Withholding information, or giving false statements during the signing of the contract is detrimental. You might as well just be throwing money down the drain. False information given to an insurer could result in the claim being rejected. Claiming to be parked in a locked garage at night, where in fact, you are parked on a busy street could lead to a rejected claim.

You Haven’t Informed The Insurer Of A Change In Your Life

You have either moved, changed jobs, gone through a divorce, lost a job or have become diagnosed with a chronic illness. All of these will have an impact on the policy. An insurer will need to take into mind your affordability, your location and your personal circumstances. A heart condition or seizures, for example could lead to an accident while you are driving. The insurer will need to be aware of this information as soon as you do.

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