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6 expert tips to boost your Internet security

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2014-07-01
Are you doing enough to protect your personal information online? Follow these six easy expert tips to boost your Internet security.
seek some expert advice on how to boost your Internet security. 1. Make sure you have a great anti-virus to protect your computer from malware and hackers. You can try the household names of Norton, Mcafee, or the free yet reliable anti-virus, AVG. 2.Try Microsoft’s password checker to make sure your password is full proof to hackers. By simply checking whether your password is strong enough, you can protect your valuable and personal information from being hacked. Note, never share your passwords with anyone. Go to 3. Avoid Internet phishing, these scams trick you into giving over your banking details and your personal details. We often encounter these emails, which claim to be from a reputable source such as your bank, which ask you to verify your details online. Your bank and no other websites should ever ask you for your banking details through an email, you should report this email as spam. For more information on phishing, go to 4. Split your emails with one email address for work, one for social, and one for personal to keep your financial information safe. Not only with this help you declutter your daily emails, it protects your personal information by preventing easy access for hackers through social emails. 5. Upgrade your Internet browser from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome, it's faster and more secure. You can download Google Chrome for free, and it comes with a variety of useful plugins that can improve your surfing experience. 6. Install a site adviser to check each site is safe before you click on it. If you are browsing through search results, each website will have either a green, orange, or red symbol next to it representing that the site is either safe, possible unsafe, or dangerous. This can help you steer clear of phishing websites. ©Diane Moalem for Compare Guru

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