6 Things To Do Now To Cut The Cost Of Christmas

Christmas is around the corner, and it’s best to be prepared. By starting to plan now, and avoiding the last-minute madness, you can save a ton of time and money. Here are our 6 easy ways you can cut down on costs this Christmas:
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Written by: Chelsea Petersen   Make a list This is important, make a list of everything you need. Getting caught up in the Christmas spirit can lead you to buy extra and unnecessarily.  Include everything from food, to decorations, and how many people to buy gifts for. Once you’ve done this, draw up a budget based on your lists to avoid overspending.   Start early Don’t leave all your shopping to the last minute. If you start now, you can spread the cost over 2 months and make it easier on your bank account, rather than squeezing all the extra expenses into one month. It also lowers your chances of forgetting anything amidst the last-minute panic.   Do your Christmas shopping online Shopping online, especially for gifts, allows you to find the best prices, and will also help you to find any Christmas deals and specials. PriceCheck is especially helpful as it lets you browse store catalogues, and almost 30 different categories, and gives you side-by-side comparisons on whatever product you check.   Stock up on the non-perishables There are tons of holiday specials leading up to Christmas. Buying in advance allows you to keep an eye out for specials, and save money on as many items as possible. Buy non-perishables and freezer food on your weekly shopping trips, instead of doing a last minute mad dash and missing the good deals.   Be creative Instead of splurging on overpriced Christmas cards this year, make your own. This goes for gifts as well - the recipients will appreciate the extra effort and personal touch. Try this idea in your cooking plan too. People often buy certain foods pre-made to save time, especially things like Christmas Cake. Doing this yourself will save money.   Keep your finances in check It’s easy to put some strain on your finances over the December period by spending on social activities. Make a point to stick to your budget, and search for the cheapest price on everything you can. If you think this won’t be enough, apply for debt review to avoid falling into serious debt, or a personal loan to help you cover the excess expenses.