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7 In-Car Distractions To Avoid While Driving

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2017-03-26
Are you guilty of any of the seven following distracted driving habits? We bet you are! Take a look at the video for a wake-up call.
No? Are you sure? Have you never texted whilst driving, ate food, or texted or chatted on the phone? The reality is, almost all of us have failed to resist peering at our trusty mobile lifelines at a message that has just come in. According to Motor Industry Workshop Association (MIWA), we do this more frequently than not.
"Texting while operating a vehicle is a seriously dangerous activity. But, distracted driving means more than just texting. It’s any activity that takes a person’s attention away from the main task of driving," says MIWA Chairman, Les McMaster. McMaster describes three types of distractions while driving, namely: visual; "when the driver takes their eyes off the road; manual, a task that requires the driver to take their hands off the steering wheel; and cognitive when the driver’s mind is not focused on the task at hand.”

7 Ways We Get Distracted While Driving

There can be many things that distract a driver while driving, the AA have highlighted 7 of the most frequent distractions.

1. Talking On Cellphones, Or Texting, While Driving

While we know we shouldn't text or take a call while driving, it's safe to say we have all done this at least once. Texting while driving is well-known to be the number one distraction, while we drive, due to our incessant need to stay connected to the outside world. But, is it really worth putting your life and the people you bump into in danger? Take a look at this footage of distracted drivers behind the wheel through the use of a dashcam:

None of us are excused from this and it shows how just looking down at your phone, or anywhere other than the road, can have devastating results.

2. Eating While Driving

Munching on that sarmie, or garage pie, after having frequented the gym (because you deserve it) means you are not only distracted, you have an insufficient grip on your steering wheel. If a pedestrian, animal, or other had to suddenly come across your path, your ability to react would be severely impaired.

3. Changing Clothes While Driving

We get it, you spend a large portion of your life in your car, which means changing out of that shirt, jersey, or other in your car is sometimes seems necessary. Well, it actually isn't. Rather pull off safely on the side of the road before you engage in any sort of undress.
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4. Applying Make-Up While Driving

distracted driving This coincides with the previous point. Not only are you distracted, you will always feel like you can quickly slick on some lipstick or apply some mascara without it affecting your driving - it will.

5. Setting GPS Devices While Driving

Getting lost is never fun, but with the use of GPS devices, we can luckily get ourselves out of a bad neighbourhood more rapidly. Handling your GPS device while driving, however, is as good as being on your phone or any of the other options listed here. Not only do you not have your one hand on the wheel, you are distracted and not prepared for a sudden stop.

6. Looking To The Passengers In The Backseat While Driving

distracted driving, diono, mirror, mom, child, car, driving Parents who swivel around frequently to check on their children, while driving, are not only taking their eyes off their road, they can no longer react in time should a car, pedestrian, or other, come out of nowhere. A mirror like the Diono Easy View Mirror (seen above) can now be attached to the back headrest that enables you to see your baby at all times.

7. Searching For Items In The Car While Driving

Whether it is a CD or makeup, a sandwich, or your child's favourite toy that has dropped to the floor, make sure you have parked your car before looking for it. Becoming distracted while driving is highly likely to cause an accident and, while it will sometimes be the fault of the other driver, the fact that you did not have your focus and attention on the road, will make it your just as much your fault as theirs. Let us know how you get distracted below.

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