8 Hidden Threats Stopping You From Travelling

There are reasons why some people see the world and others simply don’t. Find out what’s stopping you from travelling.
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Written By: Melissa Nyman   1. Your City Is A Threat You're oh so proud of the city you live in because of how amazingly beautiful it is and the breathtaking views you see everyday. You can't imagine living in any other place and chances are you won't ever see any other city because of this. Truth is, you're living in a tourist destination where prices are expensive for basic household goods, the standard of living is high and ridiculous compared to other places in your country. Simple solution - Find a cheaper city to live.   2. The No-Shopping List Threat You tell yourself: "I'm just going to pop in and pop out for bread and milk." 20 minutes later you walk out of the supermarket with a bag full of groceries and items you probably didn't need. The mistake most people make is by walking into the devil's playground without a Bible - namely a shopping list. Simple solution - Buy daily essentials at a tuck shop and always have a shopping list.   3. Your High Premium Rate Threat With all types of insurance needed for your assets, it's an essential part to life these days. However, your car insurance premium is unnecessarily high because you didn't make use of a comparison site where things are made simpler to find the cheapest price. Simple solution: Find out if your car insurance premium is cheaper somewhere else by visiting CompareGuru   4. The Threat of Bars and Restaurants If you're more concerned about the vibe and the ambience found out bars and restaurants, chances are you're always see only the 4 corners of your apartment - your entire life. All you need to do to save for a holiday, is buy a bottle, put on some music, drink at home with your friends and have a good time there.   5. The R13,000 Smoking Threat It's really tough to stop smoking, but the reality is, it seriously cuts into your budget and it's so, so bad for you! By simply stopping, or trying to, you'll save at least R13, 000!   6. The 'It Was Cheaper There' Threat With technology at your finger tips, the only reason you're buying this from sales people or at stores is because you enjoy shopping. That's all good and well, however, you're wasting your money. By simply going on to a comparison site like CompareGuru you could find the cheapest deals on all latest gadgets you wish to buy.   7. The Threat Of Always Using Your Car There are so many risks involved when you take your car to work:
  • There's the chance of you having to call your motor warranty company in the case of your car breaking down.
  • There's the chance you'll be in an accident
  • There's the risk you or someone else will get badly hurt
  • With all this risk involved, have you ever thought of travelling with public transport?
It's worth it when it comes to saving for travelling. Another idea for saving when it comes to your car is carpooling.   8. The Threat Of Not Treating Yourself Telling yourself you're going to save or trying to save and just end up splurging because you're so frustrated is a complete disastrous decision.   By making use of a budget planner and getting your bank to take a fixed amount every month to save and then treating yourself in small ways little by little will save you a lot of emotional exhaustion and misery.