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AA: “Safety Ratings Should Be Displayed On Cars”

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2017-02-25
The Automobile Association have highlighted the need for cars to have their safety ratings displayed on the actual car for consumers.
Following the 20th anniversary of Euro NCAP, the Automobile Association (AA) has taken the opportunity to highlight the importance of displaying safety ratings on vehicles.
"Local consumers rarely have access to information on the safety ratings of the cars they are buying," says AA.
This means they could believe they are paying more for a vehicle due to its heightened safety ratings. In fact, as was seen in The Safest Cars In SA Under R150 000, is not the case.
"For us, it's critical that it becomes mandatory for a sticker to be placed in the windscreen of a vehicle. This will tell buyers what the safety rating of that vehicle is. In the same way that a sticker is used to display the emissions rating of a vehicle."

Why Should We Display Safety Ratings On Cars?

safety ratings, NCAP, safety ratings, safest cars in sa The AA believe consumers need to make more informed decisions when looking to purchase a new vehicle. Their decisions need to be based on fact instead of popularity or hearsay. By displaying the safety ratings of each vehicle, consumers could get a better understanding of the vehicle they intend to buy. Instead of being surprised later on. According to the Euro NCAP, over 78 000 lives have been saved in the 20 years the organisation has been running and the tough crash safety tests have been around. Euro NCAP has published over 630 safety ratings, crash tested over 1800 cars, and collectively spent over 160 million Euros to make cars safer for consumers.
CLICK BELOW to read about the top five most depreciating cars in South Africa. The European New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) said in a statement, "The first tests exposed safety failings in top-selling family cars. This forced a fundamental rethink in the way vehicles were designed to prevent accidents and save lives. Twenty years on, nine out of 10 cars sold on the European market hold a Euro NCAP rating. The motor industry actively supports the development of new requirements for the top safety ratings"
[caption id="attachment_21730" align="aligncenter" width="600"]safety ratings, NCAP, safety ratings, safest cars in sa, toyota prius The NCAP report on a 2016 Toyota Prius.[/caption]
  AA commented on the fate of safety for SA drivers by saying, “Safety on South African roads remains elusive; our road fatality statistics are proof of this. A key pillar of dealing with this is making sure motorists are driving safe vehicles. The introduction of a safety ratings scale locally is one step in the right direction.”

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