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And The World’s Most Congested City Is…

Author: Melissa Cohen
Date: 2017-11-07
Do you get frustrated with the peak hour traffic around South Africa? We take a look at the most congested cities in the world.
Los Angeles has been ranked as the most congested city in the world. This is according to RegTransfer UK's Inrix Global Traffic Scorecard. South Africa made its way on to the leader board with Cape Town landing the 28th spot. Johannesburg took 33rd respectively. This result is a whole lot better than in 2013, when Cape Town ranked as the most congested city in the world.
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Number One Spot

This report was conducted on the basis of the average hours spent in traffic per year. RegTransfer UK looked at 1064 cities in 38 countries as well as the percentage of time spent in the traffic per year. According to a Los Angeles Times poll, traffic was voted as the most concerning issue for the residents of Los Angeles. This is in relation to personal safety, housing costs and retirement savings. Researchers, however, are claiming that being stuck in traffic actually isn't such a bad thing at all. Well, not for the driver, but more traffic shows signs of a healthy, growing economy. A decrease in cars could mean that a country is going through a recession as many people might be left without jobs. In 2015, American citizens drove a record 3.15 trillion miles, breaking the previous record of 3 trillion miles in 2007. Inrix’s vice President of Product and Analytics, Chris Hadley, explained how traffic on America's roads could continue to worsen if the economy stays the way it is. He however, believes that technology might be able to help alleviate the congestion.
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The Top 10 Spots

Los Angeles's citizens spent a total of 105 hours in traffic during 2016. That could be converted into four days in traffic! Eleven out of the top 25 most congested cities, are based in the US. Check out the top 10 for yourself...
Name of City Number Of Hours Per Year
1. Los Angeles 104.1 hours
2. Moscow 91.4 hours
3. New York 89.4 hours
4. San Francisco 82.6 hours
5. Bogota 79.8 hours
6. Sao Paulo 77.2 hours
7. London 73.4 hours
8. Atlanta 70.8 hours
9. Paris 65.3 hours
10. Miami 64.8 hours

What About The Facts? 

Want to know how traffic affects the livelihood of a city's citizens? Well here are some answers. Do you know that...
  • Motorists that found themselves stuck in traffic in London in 2016, lost more than £1 1911. The city lost over £6 billion last year due to traffic;
  • The slowest major city was Dublin at 7.5kph during all congested periods, with peak hour speeds at 5.5kph. These speeds are slower than a horse and cart;
  • An average human could walk just under the speed of the slowest traffic in Oaxaca, Mexico recorded in 2016. The traffic speed was recorded at 5.9kph, while the average speed of a human is 5kph.

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