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Are You Driving The Most Reliable Car In South Africa?

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2016-12-23
Ipsos released their Annual Quality Awards survey for the most reliable car in SA according to their categories. Here are the results.
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Ipsos Survey

Ipsos, South Africa, is a long-standing research giant for blue chip suppliers in South Africa. The survey-based market research company is currently second largest in the world. The company started collecting data from telephonic interviews conducted in 2015, with more than 8000 owners of 17 different brands of vehicles. In the 25-minute telephonic interview, customers were asked about their experience when purchasing a new vehicle or servicing vehicle, as well as the quality of the product purchased. This competitive benchmarking is usually 90 days after the purchase of a new vehicle. It measures the product experience, quality defects, and customer perceptions and opinions based on the product. Based on these statistics Ipsos then determined which vehicle brand had the most reliable car in South Africa, as voted for by consumers.

So, What Is The Most Reliable Car In SA?

most reliable car, Audi, A5, coupe


Audi was undoubtedly the most reliable, according to the survey results, with seven gold awards:
  • Best Luxury Car Brand Overall
  • Best Top Hatch (A1 and A3 Sportsback)
  • Best Medium Sedan (A4 and A5 Sportsback)
  • Best Top Sedan (A3)
  • Best Sports Coupe (A5 Coupe)


Toyota came second with five gold awards:
  • Best Small Hatch (Yaris)
  • Best Top Hatch (Auris)
  • Best Small Sedan (Corolla Quest)
  • Best New Volume Passenger Car (Corolla Quest)
  • Best Volume Passenger Car Brand


Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, and Nissan all had two gold awards each:


  • Best Small Sedan (Polo)
  • Best New Volume Passenger Car Model (up)


  • Best Top Executive (E-Class)
  • Best Multi-Purpose Vehicle (B-Class)


  • Best Entry Level Car (Micra)
  • Best Volume Passenger Car Brand Overall
*The Nissan Micra was also the highest-rated passenger car, overall, in the extensive survey, with an index of 49.


Volvo received the Best New Luxury Passenger Car (V40).
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Other Categories

"More than one gold award was made in some of the categories. This was when two or more vehicles qualified for the gold rating in terms of the points scored," said Ipsos.

Best Passenger Car Plant

The award for the best passenger car plant in South Africa looked at the quality of the products manufactured and went to General Motors SA in Port Elizabeth.

Recreational Vehicle Category

  • Best Small Recreational Vehicle (XC60) - Volvo
  • Best New Recreational Vehicle (XC60) - Volvo
  • Best Small RV category (Q5) - Audi
  • Best Large Recreational Vehicle (Touareg) - Volkswagen
The Touareg received the highest product quality rating, overall, with an index score of 22.

Light Commercial Vehicle Category

  • Toyota  - seven gold awards 
  • Toyota Hilux - five gold awards:
    • Best Petrol Single Cab
    • Best Diesel Single Cab
    • Best Diesel Double Cab
    • Best One-Ton Single Cab Commercial Vehicle Brand
    • Best Double Cab Commercial Vehicle Brand
  • Nissan - two golds awards
  • General Motors - one gold award
Hilux single cab petrol received the highest commercial vehicle rating, overall, with an index figure of 37.

Best New Light Commercial Vehicle 

Nissan Hardbody Petrol Single Cab.

Best 3/4 Ton Pickup

Nissan NP200.

Best Diesel Single Cab 

General Motors Isuzu KB.   What car do you have? Is it reliable? 

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