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BREAKING NEWS: Cape Town Taxi Strike Has Ended

Author: Melissa Cohen
Date: 2017-09-18
There has been another taxi strike in Cape Town. This has been called off after a meeting between the MEC and the taxi industry.
Minister of Transport and Public Works, Donald Grant has announced that the Cape Town taxi strike has ended. This comes after a meeting with the South African National Taxi Council(SANTACO) and a group called the "task team". Taxis around the city came to a standstill on Monday morning as taxi drivers took to the streets in protest. The reason for the strike was a leadership dispute, as well as the impounding of taxis.

How Did The Strike Affect The City? 

Although the strike only lasted a few hours, it caused a serious amount of disruption in the city. This morning saw thousands of commuters change their regular transport routine. This caused further delays on the roads on Monday morning. Many roads were closed due to violent protests, stone throwing as well as burning tyres. MyCiti buses were targeted in Du Noon, Mfuleni and Khayelitsha and one bus was burnt out under the Symphony Way Bridge on the N2 highway. Golden Arrow buses were also one of the transport industries that were targeted. According to Golden Arrow spokesperson, Bronwen Dyke-Beyer, over 50 passengers were reported injured on these buses. A Golden Arrow bus was set alight and burnt on the side of the road.
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Why Did The Strike End? 

According to MEC Grant, the meeting took place this morning because a previous meeting with SANTACO didn't go as planned.
"At the centre of the disagreement is a dispute over internal constitutional processes that must be followed in the election of a new leadership."
With the strike at full force on Monday morning, it has now ended due to the outcome of the meeting.
"While many of the concerns are yet to be resolved, there was agreement that both parties would willingly and freely enter inter a departmentally facilitated mediation process, as well as inform all of their members to cease strike action with immediate effect, while we embark on this mediation process," explains Grant.
The group will undergo mediation that will seek to explore underlying issues as well as address the upcoming election. Grant encourages the taxi industry to deal with this issue in a dignified manner. He has warned that the city does not condemn violent behaviour.
"I further appealed to industry leaders to call for calm and level heads from their members, and reassert their commitment to providing safe and reliable public transport to the many commuters who rely on minibus taxis as their primary mode of transport."
Cape Town roads should be back to normal on Tuesday morning.  

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