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Car Jamming Levels Are Spiking Again!

Author: Sherryn de Vos
Date: 2017-03-22
Authorities are warning that car jamming levels have started spiking again. We look at what you can do to protect yourself.
Car jamming is an unsettling and disruptive event in many people’s lives. Many people have walked off into a shopping centre, believing their car is locked and come back to an empty car. Or an afternoon run on the promenade has led to the loss of wallets, phones and GPS devices in the car. You usually don’t realise that anything is wrong until you are in the car, searching for the wallet you swore you stored in the cubby hole.  According to insurance company, 1st for Women, car jammers are currently making up to R15 000 weekly off stolen goods.
“Community Policing Forum crime data shows that there has been a sharp increase in theft of items from motor vehicles. In some cases, windows have been broken to access valuables lying inside the car, but in most cases, a remote jamming device was used,” said Jason Mordecai, chief operating officer at 7Arrows Security. CLICK BELOW to have our independent broker compare car insurance quotes across a variety of trusted providers and find the best deal suited to your lifestyle!

How Does It Work

Car jamming is as simple as using the innocent gate remote to block the signal of your car remote. Think about when two people talk to you at the same time. One will always be heard over the other. It is somewhat similar in this case. Should the criminal push, and hold in the button on their remote while you are trying to lock your car, it will simply override the signal. In experiments that have been done, it is blatantly obvious that no signal from the car remote is visible at all while the remote is being pressed. 

Steps To Take To Protect Yourself

  • Try and park in a secure, public place if possible
  • Take note of people around you and any suspicious activity
  • Do not leave any valuables in plain sight in the car
  • Lock valuables in the boot before arriving in order to avoid being watched placing them there
  • Do not simply walk off and lock your car. Rather stay at your car while you are locking it
  • Check, and double check the doors to make sure that they are locked
  • Do not leave any windows, sunroofs or doors open or unlocked
  • Get an anti-jam device installed in your car which will alert your when the signal may be interfered with
  • If you do not feel comfortable parking in that particular spot, park somewhere else
  • Do not allow anyone to distract you while you are parking and locking up. This could be a diversion tactic.
Here is a video of how easy it is to jam the signal and make off with the person's belongings.  

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