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Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2016-10-07
CompareGuru responds to online trends within South Africa by enabling consumers to make informed decisions about financial services and more.
Since the beginning, CompareGuru has always strived to provide its customers with the most relevant financial advice. This, over and above expert advice on the latest tech device, broadband packages, and insurance products. Enter The Guru; our savvy and financially-driven mascot who understands that, in this financial climate and constant rollercoaster economy, South Africans need to be saving wherever and however they can. Consumers all-round know that finding the right insurance is deliberately confusing and complex. Many simply default to the first package they come across, thanks to a very persuasive call centre agent or two. Alternatively, they are presented with options they think compare the whole market, but don't. In contrast, CompareGuru aims to make the consumer's life much simpler by considering all their requirements and providing tailor-made packages that benefit the consumer and their pocket.  car-insurance-comparison

Online Activity in South Africa

The South African online consumer has progressed substantially in the past decade. More and more consumers are taking to doing both their research and purchasing online. With over 90% of millennials accessing the internet every day and 55% using search engines to educate themselves on a product before purchasing. It is clear South Africans are increasingly comfortable with accessing information online that prompts them to make a purchase moments later. According to the Google Consumer Barometer, 27% of South Africans make a purchase moments after research, while another 27% make a purchase hours after researching a product. This highlights the monumental importance for financial service providers to provide credible and influential content in response to their consumers' needs. Providers need to aim to put consumers at ease when completing their purchasing process online.
“The good news for sceptical South Africans is that a host of new and sophisticated digital tools are coming online, giving people much-needed access to information,” says Ryan Marx, CEO of CompareGuru.

Consumers' Online Reading Habits

09292016_onlinereadinginfog_02-01 The Google Consumer Barometer further reveals the following relating to consumers' online reading habits:
  • 55% of millennials use search engines to learn about products.
  • 55% of 'Digital Moms' do online research before making a purchase.
  • 75% use mobile phones just as much as their desktops.
  • In the past year, internet usage in South Africa has increased by 14%, with consumers using the internet daily as much on their smartphones as their desktops.
  • YouTube is their destination for entertainment and 20% consider YouTube content more relevant and interesting than TV content.

We Compare So Consumers Don't Have To

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 4.48.30 PM In response to this information, CompareGuru provides daily tips and advice on personal finance, insurance, technology and travel. This to assist readers in staying at the forefront of both their financial and professional careers. CompareGuru considers it important to have continuous information that better serves purchasing decisions and provides consumers with the satisfaction of being able to make smart financial choices. Call us the 'consumer watchdog' if you will. Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 4.48.40 PM Having recently partnered with Risk Benefits Solutions (RBS), CompareGuru also aims to assist consumers in comparing services, particularly insurance policies. We do all the research on behalf of the consumer and provide them with alternative quotes to their current policy, allowing them to make the informed decision. After all, we're on the consumers' side in helping them save! #PremiumsMustFall unnamed-7

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