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The Comprehensive Guide To Buying a Car: Part Five

Author: Sherryn de Vos
Date: 2017-03-24
You have gone through all the steps of buying your car and it’s now finally time! These are our tips for taking delivery of your new car!
Taking delivery of your new car is truly exciting, and you usually cannot wait to drive off in your brand new purchase. But, before you and the new car drive off into the metaphorical sunset, we recommend checking a few things.
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What To Look Out For When Taking Delivery Of Your Car

Take One Last Look At The Car

Make sure you go around the car, again, to make sure that there are no new scratches, dents or blemishes on the car. Sit in the car and take note of all of the little issues. In a lot of cases, you can try and negotiate with the salesman to have some of the smaller issues fixed up. So, if there are burn marks in the seats, or if there is some fraying of the material, see if you can request for them to get it fixed before you take delivery. They might even allow you to come back and get it fixed after delivery.

Spare Key

This might sound obvious, but there are many people that have driven the new car off and only realised a few weeks later that they did not receive a spare key with the car. Make sure to put this on your checklist, as it can get quite tricky at a later stage trying to find the key.

Spare Tyre

Make sure to check the boot and ensure that the spare tyre is there and is in good condition. If the car is supposed to come with a jack, check this too. Tick off your spanners, possible jumper cables, and any other maintenance accessory that should come with the car. If the car doesn’t have a spare tyre, find out from the salesman where it is.

Maintenance Book

Make sure you take the maintenance book out of the cubby holder. Ensure that it matches the car that you are buying. If you are buying a second-hand car, check the service history and note when the next one is. Without the maintenance book, your car will be somewhat difficult to resell.

Check VIN And Engine Number

If you are feeling unsure about the car that you are about to take delivery of, you can always check the VIN and engine number. This should be on your license, in the maintenance book, and on the engine itself. You can pop the bonnet and make sure that everything is in order before leaving the dealership. In the same breath, make sure that the license has not expired and check when it does. You can also check the number plates to make sure that they correspond with your province. Also check whether they match the license. The dealership should have re-licensed your car for you, as this is charged as an 'extra' in your purchase. Should you be at all concerned about the vehicle that you are taking delivery of, do not drive off with it. Rather speak to the Dealer Principle at the dealership about your concerns. If everything checks out, happy driving in your new car! Whatsapp 076 888 4931.

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