The Cost of your Morning Coffee (and it’s a stunner)

Coffee is the world’s most popular drug. And as with any habit, it can also become pretty pricey. In fact, your morning fix could be costing you more than 13k a year.
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Most of us start our mornings the same way: we stumble out of the house and before facing the daily grind, swing by our favourite coffee spot. After waiting in line for a little sip of sanity, we hardly stop to think how much we could save a year if we just missed this step in our morning routine. We looked around at the cost of coffee at various coffee shops across South Africa. We also worked out what you could save by cutting out your caffeine fix every single day for a year (365 cups of coffee). The results are quite surprising! Income_protection_new-728x90

This is how much you save when you miss your daily cup of Java

Starbucks Coffee

Cheapest coffee: R26 = R9490 per year Most expensive coffee: R38 The average cost: R32

Truth Coffee Shop in Cape Town

best-coffee-in-cape-town-750x400 Cheapest coffee: R23 = R8395 per year Most expensive coffee: R28 The average cost: R25.50

boutique coffee prices

Wimpy coffee

Cheapest coffee: R19.90 = R7263.50 per year Most expensive coffee: R30.90 The average cost: R25.40 wimpy coffee prices

Mugg & Bean coffee

Cheapest coffee: R15.90 = R5803.50 per year Most expensive coffee: R27.90 The average cost: R21.90 mugg and bean coffee prices As you can see, there are considerable savings in cutting out your morning brew. In fact, if you opted for Starbucks' most expensive option daily for every day of the year, it would cost you a whopping R13 870. That's a startling fact to mull over with your morning brew. Worried about unemployment and not able to pay your expenses? Get Income Protection today and ensure your financial future