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Everything You Need to Know About The Mercedes Bakkie!

Author: Sherryn de Vos
Date: 2017-03-16
News surrounding the much-awaited Mercedes bakkie is heating up! So just what is the latest scoop on the price and the latest features?
More information has recently been released on the most anticipated car of the century! This will be the first time the manufacturer has ever released a model like this. And, the excitement around it is palpable. It is rumoured to be like the Nissan Navara, or Renault Alaskan, but on steroids. For those thinking that they will simply be slapping a Mercedes badge on them, think again. So, what can we expect?

It Will Only Come As A Dual Cab

Due to the exclusivity of the car, it will not come in a single cab format. Buyers can expect a four-door beast that will dominate the roads. There is also a lot of talk that at least three of the versions will come in an all-wheel drive. The vehicles will be true Mercedes luxury, although there are expectations that at least one will have a more rugged look, with vinyl flooring and an off-road feel.
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There Could Be Three Powerful Engines

Right now, we only know that the engine will come in three different versions. There is, however, a lot of speculation around the different ones. What we do know is that we can expect something truly Mercedes. There is talk that one will take on the Nissan Navara engine, but will be thoroughly tuned and adjusted to Mercedes standards.  What Mercedes has announced is that consumers can expect are three 4-cylinder engines and a single 6-cylinder unit as follows: X 200 - 122kW/238Nm X 220 d - 120kW/403Nm X 250 d - 140kW/450Nm X 350 d - 190kW/550Nm If this becomes a reality, which we are all hoping it does, it will absolutely dwarf the 165kW/550Nm Volkswagen Amarok V6. Volker Mornhinweg, head of Mercedes-Benz Vans was very shaded on giving away too much at the show. There were, however, whisperings that there could possibly be a V8 turbopetrol. Imagine. We also know that you will be able to use your smartphone to access the car! What certainly was not kept a secret was the fact that there would not be an AMG version of the vehicle. AMG boss, Tobias Moers, stated outright that it would not even be considered.
"As of now, I don't see a market. I don't see room for that. A hypercar is more important, in my opinion, than having a pick-up”, Moers was quoted as saying.

It Will Be A Combination Of Beauty And The Beast

The first thing that you pick up when looking at the car is the company’s standard hockey-stick styled LED lights. If you look closely, you will notice that the vehicle has fuel caps on both sides, perhaps indicating that there could be dual fuel tanks. Another option is a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. Although, this is only speculation. Expect to be blown away by the stylish interior of the vehicle that is specifically designed for driver comfort, safety and, of course, fun. It will come packed with features to specifically cater for the off-road adventurer. The exterior is also breathtakingly muscular. It is based, somewhat, on the similar design of its SUV sibling, with flared wheel arches to host the 22-inch light-alloy wheels, and a contrasting anthracite chrome finish. What also draws your attention are the two prominent humps running down the length of the bonnet.
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You Won't Pay As Much As Previously Expected!

While similar bakkies are currently sitting around the R650 000 mark, this is expected to come in at around R550 000. This is certainly cheaper than previously expected!  This X-Class promises to set a whole new standard with its competitors. The car will be manufactured in Argentina and Spain. It has, apparently, already been tested in South Africa, Australia, and South America. So, we do know that the car will be perfectly suited to our terrain and climate.

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