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Ford Kuga Owners Left With Rental Costs

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2017-03-06
Despite Ford Kuga owners being told they would be supplied with courtesy cars, they are now faced with legal cases for unpaid bills.
In our article, "How Is Ford SA Helping Kuga Owners?", Ford South Africa released a statement on what the next course of action would be for Ford Kuga owners. Point four indicated that courtesy vehicles would be provided, "to keep our customers mobile while their cars are being repaired". It has now emerged, however, that Ford Kuga owners who were given rentals while their vehicles were undergoing the two-stage recall are now facing legal threats from rental companies for outstanding rental fees.

Ford Kuga Owners Being Billed For Car Rentals

A Free State resident was told last week by Europcar that a Ford car, which had been rented out for him, had an outstanding bill of R30 862.10.
"Now this has happened. Where do I suddenly find R30 000? Ford really needs to come to the party and explain just what on earth is going on."
A Ford Kuga owner in Gauteng had a similar situation when Avis threatened to report them to the police for vehicle theft for an unpaid bill. An Avis representative said that as the rental was in the resident's name, and not Ford, they were not interested in the Ford agreement. She was also informed that she had an outstanding e-toll bill to settle. Ford spokeswoman, Rella Bernardes has said to Kuga customers that “approved courtesy vehicles were not liable for charges”. “Incorrectly billed” customers can contact Ford customer service.
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Ford Kuga Recall

A reported 4556 Ford Kugas have been recalled across South Africa. The recall was officially announced on the January 16 this year. Since December 2015, there have been over 45 cases of Ford Kugas overheating and catching alight. One person lost their life when their Ford Kuga became engulfed in flames and he was unable to escape.

Two-Stage Recall

Ford South Africa announced a two-stage recall which would consist of:
  1. Replacing affected components in the cooling system, verifying and updating the software, and conducting an oil leak check on the cylinder head.
  2. Improving the cooling systems, "making it more robust, which is likely to involve further changes to parts and warning systems".
To date, Ford South Africa has completed the repairs of more than 63% of the affected vehicles and returned them to their owners. Whatsapp 076 888 4931.

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