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Fraud Charges Dropped Against Pravin Gordhan

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2016-10-31
BREAKING NEWS: All charges against Pravin Gordhan have been dropped. Here is the complete scoop into this latest development.
All charges against Finance Minster, Pravin Gordhan have been dropped. This, only two weeks after they were announced.  As is expected, #Rand is trending on Twitter with the effects of this on our exchange rate. CLICK BELOW to read more on how politics has affected the Rand over the last year. unnamed-2

Gordhan, Free Of Charges

Head of the National Prosecution Authority, Shaun Abrahams issued a letter to Gordhan's attorneys this morning. The letter announced that after “perusal” of the matter, he had decided to “overrule the decision” to prosecute the minister with immediate effect. Gordhan was due to testify in court on Wednesday. Shaun Abrahams Abrahams's office has come under fire from civil society, and parts of government, for charging Gordhan.
The DA called on Abrahams to "do the right thing and withdraw the charges against, Gordhan and his former South African Revenue Service deputies Oupa Magashula and Ivan Pillay, and then resign".
Abrahams has come under intense pressure since he announced the fraud charges. This was intensified when it emerged that he had met with President Jacob Zuma, the day before, at the ANC headquarters, Luthuli House. This meeting fueled the already growing speculation that the case against Gordhan was indeed politically motivated and stood no lawful ground.

The Letter From Abrahams

Here is the letter Abrahams sent to Gordhan's attorneys this morning: Pravin Gordhan fraud charges dropped Last week's "Hawks Hostage" situation, where an SA Revenue Service official was allegedly held against his will by the Hawks investigator in the case, was surely the nail in the coffin. A source close to Gordhan believes this announcement was probably to avoid a protest march that was set to coincide with his court appearance. Members of the public, 81 SA CEOs, ANC members, leaders, and stalwarts were set to participate. They said they would go ahead with the march, even if the charges were dropped beforehand.
“Even if the charges are dropped‚ the People’s Assembly Against State Capture will go ahead outside the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, 2 November‚” said rights group, Section 27. “Except, in this case‚ it will be a rally marking victory in this battle‚ and consolidating the campaign against state capture. To stop the looting and corruption‚ and to restore the integrity of the state. It added: “We have noted speculation that the NPA may drop the charges‚ which would vindicate what we and many other organisations have been saying all along. That they were politically motivated and have no basis in law.”
The group is marching under the “Save South Africa” banner‚ to which a number of civic organisations have subscribed.

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