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Hack YouTube With These 5 Easy Tricks

Author: Sherryn de Vos
Date: 2017-03-14
Is YouTube your go-to place for hilarious cat videos? Despite your addiction, you probably weren’t aware of these five ‘hidden’ features.
YouTube has numerous claims to fame. It is the second biggest social networking site on the internet, after Facebook. It is also the second biggest search engine, after Google. But, did you know that YouTube has a ton of awesome hidden features? We reveal five of these.
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1. Download A Video

Yes, you read correctly. You can download that one video that you have been wanting and keep it forever. There are two easy ways of doing this.
  • Alternatively, Keepvid is a great site to save videos from.

2. Share a Video From a Specific Time

Have you ever been watching a video and, at around the 3-minute mark, something hilarious happens? You absolutely need to share it with your friend, but want them to see the exact moment the person falls off the bike. Well, it is actually really quick and easy to create a link and send it to them, starting at the exact point you want. Click on Share under the video title, and then tick the “Share at” box. You can then type in the exact time you want the video to start at. You can also simply pause the video at the time and share it from there.

3. Create Epic Playlists

Are you hosting a braai or party and don’t want to worry about the music? There is an easy way of creating, sharing, and even collaborating on music playlists. See the “+” and the Add To. This allows you to create a playlist, keep it public or private, and then add music to it. You can then add your friends into the mix. Simply go to the playlist settings, and click “Collaborate”. From there, you will be able to send your friends the link, and, together, you will be able to create a great playlist. Also, keep in mind that this is not necessarily for music videos only. You can use it to create online Youtube recipe tutorials, or even DIY videos with your friends.
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4. Play Around With The Sound Library

If you are in any way inclined to recording, DJing, or just messing around with sounds and videos, this is a feature you have to know about. Click here to see the entire sound effects library. And yes, it is as awesome as you would imagine it to be. Thousands of sound effects are currently waiting for you to listen to them, download them for free, and add them to anything you are doing. It is royalty-free and most are great quality. Click on the tab “Free Music” and voila, thousands of free samples. You are welcome.

5. Create a Slideshow Or Video With a Soundtrack

Do you have a big birthday coming up, or you just love creating slideshows of your favourite moments? YouTube has a function just for you! Log onto your account and go to Upload, as if you would be uploading a video. We recommend getting all of your pictures together in a folder first to save time. Click on the “Create Slideshow” button and drop the photos into the block. You can then play around with the order, add or remove pictures, and add transitions. It is easy enough to add a soundtrack and then to upload it. You can then add tags, make it public or private, share, and download it!