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Combining Policies Can Save You Big Bucks

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2016-11-19
We often try to save on our monthly premiums by simply opting for one type of insurance. Here is why you could be doing it all wrong.
When starting to insure your assets, are you torn between which asset to insure first? This can be especially true in tough economic times resulting in our decision being based on what insurance provides cover for the most immediate risk. While a house is considered far less risky than driving your car every day, should disaster strike, you could be faced with a bill you can't possibly pay. Think you have found the best deal possible for both insurance packages with different providers?   Car Insurance Comparison(1) Opting to insure your car first may seem the most 'adult' thing to do, but there is one vital thing you are missing: combining your insurance policies.  DID YOU KNOW? Insurers reward clients for grouping assets together in one policy. One of the most common combined policies insurers offer on discounts includes combining your car and household insurance into one policy and one premium.

Why Insurers Offer Discounts For Combined Policies

  • It costs more to lose current clients and process new ones.
  • A combined policy means more money which is how insurers justify a discount.

The Benefits of Combining Your Insurance Policies

  1. Save thousands each month with rewards for a multi-policy. 
  2. Remove frustration of having two different insurers with different deductibles and procedures.
  3. Save time by having one renewal date and one premium each month.

Here Is An Example

Don't believe us? Here is a real time example provided by our insurance broker partner, Risk Benefits Solutions (RBS). save, combining insurance, household contents, polo vivo This information was based on a 29-year-old male. The car insurance premium dropped from R833.75 to R545.13 when paired with the household contents insurance.
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