How Much Do You Really Know About Telkom SA?

How much do you really know? There’s more to Telkom SA than just landlines, we take an in depth look behind the curtains of South Africa’s largest telecommunications provider.
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Founded in 1991 in South Africa, Telkom SA is a semi-privatised telecommunications company operating in more than 38 countries across the African continent. In South Africa, Telkom is the major telecommunications provider including landline (both home and office), internet and mobile services. Telkom has also invested in e-sports with the introduction of their Do-Gaming League.  


  Telkom is structured with a Group CEO, Mr Sipho Maseko. The retail division, including Telkom Business, Telkom Mobile, Consumer Marketing, Cloud and IT Operations are run by Group Chief Operating Officer, Dr Brian Armstrong and its Wholesale and Networks division is under MD Alphonso Samuels.  


  Telkom’s mission statement is connecting you to a better life. According to the company’s website, the aim to achieve these steps by:    
  • Keeping it simple - through solving complicated problems simply
  • Being different - through connecting with their customers, understanding their needs and co-creating solutions
  • Making a difference - by offering freedom through technology

Telkom SA Products

Telkom ADSL - Telkom provides ADSL retail services via their ISP - Telkom Internet - to consumer and business customers, and through Telkom Wholesale to other licensed operators. Most ISPs in South Africa, such as Afrihost, utilise Telkom's copper infrastructure for resell ADSL services. Three connection rate ranges are offered (associated with different connection fees) which are "Fast", "Faster", "Fastest". Telkom mobile - Launched in 2010, Telkom Mobile was previously known as 8ta. Telkom Mobile number prefixes range from 0811 - 0819. Offering a range of services including voice and data, Telkom Mobile uses a combined 2G/3G network and offers LTE on the 2300 MHz frequency which provides speeds of up to 100Mbit/s. Having recently acquired Kenyan ISP Africa Online, and Nigerian mobile operator Multi-Links, Telkom now has strategic hubs to expand its data and voice services into Africa. Africa Online (AFOL) is a Pan African Internet Service Provider operating in eight countries with the 9th country through a joint-venture with Verizon South Africa. Multi-Links is a private telecommunications operator (as of 2009 a wholly owned Telkom subsidiary) with a Unified Access License allowing fixed, mobile, data, long distance and international telecommunications services focused primarily on corporate clients in Nigeria.