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How Is Ford SA Helping Kuga Owners?

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2017-02-09
With Kuga owners panicked about driving their vehicles, what is Ford SA doing to placate and appease their customers?
To date, Ford SA has recalled 4556 Ford Kuga 1.6-litre units (built between December 2012 to February 2014) across the country. The recall was due to the overheating of the Ford Kuga engine, due to the lack of coolant circulation.  Ford Kuga owners have been up in arms of their vehicles and their own safety. Ford has responded to with a two-stage recall. 
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Ford Kuga Two-Stage Recall

  1. Replacing affected components in the cooling system, verifying and updating the software, and conducting an oil leak check on the cylinder head.
  2. Improving the cooling system, "making it more robust, which is likely to involve further changes to parts and warning systems".
Ford SA President and CEO, Jeff Nemeth said: "While Ford manufactures cars with the safety of their customers top-of-mind, all vehicles are occasionally susceptible to issues in the design and manufacturing process that can lead to performance and quality issues under certain conditions. In such instances, Ford must determine what steps to take, including initiating a recall. This is driven by a case-by-case analysis."

So, What Is Ford SA Currently Doing To Help Ford Kuga Owners? 

  1. We’ve increased the capacity of our call centre, adding a dedicated Kuga support team, with longer hours and weekend support.
  2. We’re talking directly to our customers. Since the launch of the maintenance check we have contacted over 3800 customers via e-mail and posted letters. We have also put a request in to get the outstanding customers detail from eNatis.
  3. We are flying in parts to alleviate the shortage. All outstanding parts will arrive in South Africa by mid-February.
  4. Courtesy vehicles are being provided to keep our customers mobile while their cars are being repaired. To date, Ford has supplied over 4080 courtesy cars to affected 1.6-litre Kuga customers. This number excludes the number of dealer loans, and Ford South Africa’s company vehicles, that were given to customers while their vehicles underwent the safety recall action.
  5. We expanded our current partnership with the AA for extended Ford Roadside Assistance for all Kuga 1.6-litre vehicles. This includes those out of the standard 3-year cover period, to ensure customer reassurance and peace-of-mind.
  6. We have introduced support programmes to assist our dealers in discussions with their customers.
  7. Dealers will also provide each Kuga 1.6-litre customer with a letter confirming that the necessary repair has been made on their vehicle, for additional peace of mind.
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