How to check where you are registered to vote

Voting Day will take place on Wednesday, 3 August, but are you sure you know where you have registered to vote? Read on to find out.
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Voting day is drawing ever closer (3 August) and many will only now be wondering if and where they are registered to vote. There are a couple ways to check if you are registered or to find out where your voting station is. Request a free car insurance quote today and you could win PETROL FOR A YEAR

How to check if you are registered to vote in the upcoming elections


2. SMS

SMS your ID Number to 32810 (R1.00 per SMS)   Screenshot Blurr crop  

3. Download the IEC app

The IEC South Africa app is available in the Apple iStore or Android  Play store. The app allows you to find your voting station, check election results and check your registration details. The app also allows you to apply for a special vote should you be unable to visit one of the polling stations on Voting Day (Wednesday, 3 August). You can also share key election  moments, get answers to common questions and keep up to date via social media. IMG_9328 The app also allows you to:
  • Navigate to your voting station
  • View your candidates
  • View the IEC's contact details
  • Report a voting station issue
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What to remember on Voting Day

  1.  Your valid and registered South African identification document.
  2. Arrive at your designated voting station.
  3. Check that you are on the voters' roll.
  4. Check your ballot papers throughly.
  5. Find an empty voting booth and cast your vote with a 'X'