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How to Choose the Perfect Rental Car

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2016-10-26
Finding the perfect rental car can be a challenge. Here’s how to choose the right rental car that fits all your travel requirements.
The choice is yours, you can literally drive any car available in the dealership. What do you choose? You may be inclined to choose a flashy convertible to show off in front of all your old school mates, like Eric did in Grown Ups, or drive a SUV, just for the hell of it. kevin james grownups But what if you get to your flashy convertible and the boot emits only one suitcase and point blank refuses another? Or, worse, you get as far as a couple kilometres down the road and it starts to rain? So, how do you choose the perfect rental vehicle? Well, like most things, it's about your needs.
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Four Questions To Ask Before Getting a Rental Car

  1. How much time will I spend in the car? - If your rental car is simply to get to a destination and back, splashing out on a luxurious car may be a waste. 
  2. Luggage space - How much space do you need for all your luggage? A convertible may not be the best option if you can barely fit your essentials and family in it. 
  3. Weather forecast - what is the weather going to be like while you are there and what kind of terrain will you be driving on? A mini-cooper with the top down may not be your smartest idea when it's pouring with rain in the middle of the countryside.
  4. Automatic or Manual - If you can only drive an automatic, make sure you ask ahead of time to avoid burning out the clutch of a manual vehicle. 

Larger Cars Versus Smaller Cars

As mentioned earlier, you may think now is your chance to get a car you have never driven before. But, the reality is, the bigger the car, the bigger the petrol bill. Additionally,  if you are travelling abroad, what is called a "compact car" in some countries, may seem downright ridiculous for others. For example: three friends go on an overseas holiday together and rent a 'compact car'. Only, they can barely fit one suitcase in it. What then?

Be Flexible

Whatever happens, you may not get the exact car you were hoping for. But it is important to be flexible with your choice. Tip: Ask yourself the four questions mentioned above and you should find a perfect car to fit the description.
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