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How To Control The Adverts You See On Facebook

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2016-10-21
It's crazy to think how much Facebook / Google knows about you. This often comes through in the ads we are shown. Here's how to control this.
We've all, at one point or other, become freaked out by how much Facebook knows about us.  According to a recent report, Facebook knows a total of 98 things about you, possibly more.  unnamed-2

How To Control What Adverts You See On Facebook 

1. Adjust Your Ad Preferences

  • Click the 'X' or downwards arrow on any ad on Facebook.
  • Select 'Why am I seeing this?'
  • An explanation should follow that looks something like this:
  • Choose to 'Hide All' from that particular advertiser.
  • Select 'Manage Your Advert Preferences' to see all the audiences you are a part of and which influence the ads you see on Facebook.
  • Cancel any audiences you do not want to be a part of.

2. Use Internet-based Advertising Controls

If you prefer Facebook to not use any  of your personal information for advertising purposes, you are able to opt out of this by doing the following:
  • Visit Settings on the top right corner of the Facebook homepage.
  • Select Adverts, as seen below:
  Facebook Adverts  
  • Select Edit  on any of your Facebook Advert preferences, it will look something like this:
  Facebook Adverts2   Finding out how much Facebook knows about you can, in fact, be 'creepy' but remember to maintain a realistic approach when unselecting certain preferences. Ask yourself, "Would I have found this amazing retailer had it not been displayed on Facebook?" Nine times out of ten, your answer will be no. Unselect the preferences you really have an issue with but remember, this tool is also useful to you and each advert is almost tailored-made to fit exactly what you show interest in. CompareGuru_Billboard_2

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